Workday Reading

The Workday Reading: June 10, 2016


You should see what I look like in the morning…maybe someday I’ll post a photo.


1) “Do makeup and heels make me a bad feminist?”  Probably not, but you’re asking the wrong question. (The Washington Post)

2) Coordinates Collection jewelry is my favorite way to remember all the important places in my life.  Now they have a less expensive bracelet that comes in cool colors, which would make a great gift.

3) Bachelorette parties now have dress codes.  Because the ‘Zillas cannot possibly trust you to dress yourself.  (Racked)

4) Oh, Madewell, you casual J.Crew baby sister…when you produce cool, fun pieces like this Fleet jacket, Lyric lace shift, and this Transport weekender, I see why you outshine your older sib.

5) Five rules to follow when lending money to friends and family.  (Lifehacker)

6) Whistles is one of my favorite brands.  I bought their Alisa Placement Dress in navy; it’s the perfect mix of sexy and subtle.  Their pleated print strappy dress is also on my lust-list.

7) An open letter to Brock Turner’s father, from another father (so moving). (John Pavlovitz)

8) Need to store your clutches?  This Poppin file sorter is the perfect way to keep them organized.

9) Want seriously toned arms without hours in the gym?  Tracy Anderson’s mat workout can be done at home.  Also, I like a pair of walking weights for daily strolls.  (YouTube)

10) Deborah Lippmann’s ‘Great Balls of Fire’ polish is the perfect summer shade.  It’s red.  It’s strawberry.  It’s bright and blood, and so cool.

11) The 40 Most Essential D.C. restaurant dishes.  (Washingtonian)

12) By Malene Birger is everything.  Their Nittao dress with open sleeve work is utterly sublime.

*image found here.