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The Workday Reading: June 1, 2016



1) Procrastinating? How to make yourself work when you don’t want to. (Forbes)

2) This Banana Republic cardigan in lightweight wool with shoulder details looks like a good basic.  They also have a sheer v-neck version.  Both come in several gorgeous colors.

3) 15 productive things to do in 15 minutes. (The Everygirl)

4) Halogen makes these ‘No-Show’ underwear for women who don’t like thongs.  And here’s a shock, they actually prevent VPL.

5) Dear Internet, Stop Telling Me to Quit My Job. (Medium)

6) Hair color feeling flat?  Try this dpHue Color Boosting Gloss to give it new life.

7) The science behind ‘I told you so,’ or why we’re better at making decisions for other people. (Fast Company)

8) This Splendid Willamette Weekender makes a great summer beach bag, office gym bag, or travel bag.  For something more professional, try this Miah Structured Weekender.

9) Four s***ty work situations that get better when you speak up for yourself. (Marie Claire)

10) This coral ASOS Collection Wiggle dress is a fun choice for the office.  I also like this Uttam ponte shift in kelly green.  Plus-size?  This ASOS Curve Midi-Wiggle dress in pistachio is really pretty.

11) Tips on how to be your most assertive self in meetings. (Levo)

12) Need to jazz up your summer dresses?  This Delicate Teardrop Frost Strand and this turquoise and quartz Stevie Y Chain.

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  1. Jennifer D says:

    Greetings Belle – Thanks for posting the Medium article. I’ve stopped subscribing to some career sites that make me think that if I haven’t attained total job nirvana within 6 months, I need to find another one. I realize that pursuing your professional potential may require a job change, but having done my share of recruiting, a lot of job hopping on a resume can raise a lot of questions. Having gone to bed at 1:00 a.m. last night, my side hustle is finding more time to nap . . .

    June 1, 2016/Reply