Workday Reading

The Workday Reading: February 8, 2016



1) How did guides for the ‘Lazy Girl’ take over the internet? (The Cut)

2) Blush dresses are my current obsession.  This Ann Taylor sheath is a must.  This WD-NY short-sleeve sheath is affordable and chic.  I also love this Donna Morgan cap sleeve dress.

3) If you’re looking for jobs on Capitol Hill, here are tips on navigating the process and getting hired. (Politico Magazine)

4) Striped tees are a spring must-have, and this $25 Gap tee is the best.

5) Judges don’t want people to wear pajamas in court.  Schools don’t want parents to wear them at pickup.  It’s a war on pajamas! Where do I sign up to fight? (WSJ; Redbook)

6) Tory Burch is having a HUGE sale. If you can find something you love in your size, you will find an incredible deal.

7) How Joan Didion, writer, became Joan Didion, legend. (Vanity Fair)

8) Aqua has amazing under-$100 party dresses.  I like this ink-blot dress with short sleeves, this navy crochet knit dress, and floral fit and flare.

9) The Feel-Good Female Solidarity Machine. Is feminism’s trendy re-birth good for the cause? (Bloomberg Business Week)

10) This Deborah Lippmann Undressed Nail Polish Set is a superb collection of pale hues for work.  For something more affordable, try these three Essie shades for $15.

11) Can you learn not to be so ‘nice’? (Femsplain)

12) How does Monique Lhuillier make pockets chic?  Her sheer lace and jacquard dress makes it happen.

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  1. Sof says:

    I loved the style of the Donna Morgan dress, too – but it was totally sheer, despite the fabric not being thin. I could see both the color and outline of my undergarments underneath. Yuck. Not sure if even a slip would help.

    February 8, 2016/Reply
  2. Monica says:

    I suppose those Lazy Girl articles are attempting to reclaim a word that has negative connotations. But while I’m not going to ever be “high maintenance,” which seems to be the opposite of this Cool girl / Lazy girl ideal, I don’t want to own “Lazy”. I work my butt off: at work, at home, every day. If that means I don’t prioritize some things that other people might think are important, so be it. But it doesn’t make me lazy, or necessarily cool. (Although I totally am.)

    February 8, 2016/Reply
  3. TheLoop says:

    Meanwhile fashion mags and websites keep trying to convince us to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy pajamas that you can wear from bed to brunch… you know, in case you are a Lazy Girl who believes that getting dressed in the morning is a sign of high maintenance.

    February 8, 2016/Reply
  4. Cait says:

    I think that the “Lazy Girl” pieces tend to be just a different version of clickbait- a trendy way to say “this is so easy that even lazy people don’t mind doing it!” I think that the author is in the majority when she says that she used to read all the articles even though she isn’t lazy- no one thinks of themselves as lazy, but we all know someone who appears to be “lazy” (the low-maintenance, carefree, Cool Girl) but still has it all together, so we read the articles thinking “maybe this is how she does it!” But let’s be honest- it’s all fiction. like the author says, even the “Lazy Girl Guides” are way more complicated than they seem.

    February 8, 2016/Reply