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The Workday Reading: January 27, 2016



1) After winter storm Jonas, only women showed up to run the Senate, resulting in an all female session.  Girl power, literally. (WaPost)

2) BaubleBar has the best necklaces.  This Kew Collar is bold, yet feminine.  If you’re into long pendants, this Midnight Druzy necklace and this Spinner Pendant are both must haves.

3) The 7 People You Meet in Every Meeting. (Marie Claire)

4) Have trouble finding waist-defining jackets?  This AQUA cutaway blazer gives even the straightest shape the hourglass treatment.

5) Making friends as a grown-up (especially when you work 60+ hours per week) is so tough.  VINA adopts Tinder’s swipe-right tech to help women find new friends. (Fast Company)

6) I love tie-neck tops, so why not try a tie-neck dress?  This Kasper Scarf-Tie Sheath is super chic and just $67.  For something in an a-line, this Anthropologie Tylho dress is fun.  And this $79 Eva Mendes option in lipstick red is perfect for spring.

7) Are women in business their own worst enemies? (NY Daily News)

8) I love colored coats for spring.  This affordable green trench from New York & Co. definitely caught my eye.  I also like this fiery orange banded jacket from Ann Taylor.

9) Clean up the cords and devices on your desk with this video and a box of binder clips. (Mr. Healthy Life)

10) Need a clothes steamer, but don’t have the room in your suitcase?  Joy Mangano’s travel steamer is tiny, but life-changing.  She also makes a mid-size model for your closet.

11) Sitting all-day is murder on your body.  Here are some moves you can do at your desk to work out the kinks. (Camille Styles)

12) The only thing better than eye candy?  Eye candy at 80-percent-off at the Moda Operandi sale.

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  1. Jill says:

    I have an older model of the Joy Magano “my little steamer go mini.” It’s small and packs a steam punch…the BEST. I just purchased the new, largest model for home steaming, but I returned it as it didn’t work well. The newly designed travel steamer was larger than the mini and didn’t appear to hold much more water, so I didn’t purchase it and went with the big one. While the new design looks nice, it’s bulky. Why increase the size of the product and not make the water reservoir larger? Tip: Buy these at Bed Bath & Beyond with a coupon and you’ll get a better deal than the link here.

    January 27, 2016/Reply