Workday Reading

The Workday Reading: January 11, 2016



1) How low congressional salaries place a career in public service out of the reach of many aspiring politicos. (The Washington Post)

2) ASOS always has cute, affordable shoes.  I love these wine-colored suede flats.  I also like the unique details on these black, ankle strap flats from their Lifestyle line.

3) Four ways to build a career and life worth talking about. (Forbes)

4) What you need to know before buying your next trench coat.  I still think London Fog makes the nicest mid-price trench. (Popsugar)

5) Can the best financial tips fit on an index card?  Start the New Year by learning how to get on the right track financially. (NPR)

6) Want to brighten your look?  This $19 NYX palette provides every product you need to achieve an illuminated strobing-effect.

7) Happiness linked to valuing personal time over money. (Neuroscience News)

8) This Club Monaco Tulsie denim skirt is perfect for polishing up your casual Friday.  I also love the texture on this white Kit Bobble sweater.

9) How much does the media influence elections? (Medium)

10) Rebecca Taylor’s sale section is always worth a look.  I love this short-sleeve, boucle dress for work.  This orchid-pink dress is perfect for a party.

11) The math behind winning (losing) the Powerball.  And why we keep playing despite the astronomical odds. (LA Times; Nautilus)

12) These Gorjana Dita studs are minimalist with a chic black accent.  They’re small with a bit of pop.

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  1. Chelsay says:

    YES. The WashPost article is spot on. I always wanted a Washington internship all throughout college, but there was no way to make an unpaid internship work with no monetary support. Even during and right after graduate school I passed up opportunities I wanted because there was just no way to make it work, I couldn’t allow myself to go into debt for the experience I would need to MAYBE find a good job in DC’s insane job market.

    January 11, 2016/Reply
  2. Bunny says:

    I just ordered this trench from The Limited and am hoping it’s a winner:

    January 12, 2016/Reply