Workday Reading

The Workday Reading: November 30, 2015


The next four weeks are going to be crazy.  I need to pack and move.  Write a huge paper.  Take three finals.  Care for a newly spayed puppy.  Drive home for the holidays.  Keep the blog up.  And finish all of my pro bono work for several clients.

How I hate December.

Also, how is it December?


1) Why you should do things you’re bad at. (The Everygirl)

2) This charcoal-grey zip-top tote bag is the perfect work satchel.  Also, in black.

3) This interview with Adele –about her influences, her life and her goals– is a great read.  (i-D)

4) Banana Republic has 40%-off everything, no exclusions.  This fringe-hem dress is perfect for parties.  And this cable-knit cropped sweater is absolutely fantastic.

5) These maps illustrate how daylight savings time is slowly killing us. (City Lab)

6) Looking for cool rings for under-$100? Free People has a rocker-chic pyrite band set.  This opal and gold band is modern and cool.

7) How messaging is eating the world. (TechCrunch)

8) I just discovered the store Zady.  The colors in their Peace Treaty scarf are utterly sublime.  These t-shirts look like perfection.

9) Chinese cash is flooding the U.S. housing market, driving up prices and contributing to instability. (The New York Times)

10) Sick of dry cleaning your clothes?  Don’t miss Swash, an in-home system for refreshing your clothes.  It’s on deep discount for Cyber Monday.

11) An Oscar d la Renta alum is designing Ann Taylor’s new collection.  I’m withholding judgment, but this seems like Jenna Lyons part two. (The Cut)

Eye Candy. This ice-blue Temperley London cocktail dress manages to be flirty and sophisticated at the same time. #snowprincess

*image found here.



  1. PHX says:

    Are you graduating already? (Yes, totally aware that it may not seem like “already” to you.)

    Also, your link in #8 to Zady the store goes to a Jimmy Choo purse (but the other Zady item link is correct, fyi).

    November 30, 2015/Reply
  2. AG says:

    Who decided that culottes should be a thing again? This is up there with flatforms. Ugly, unflattering, and completely pointless.

    November 30, 2015/Reply