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Morning Line: October 7

I love Everlane’s v-neck tees.  They’re cozy, comfy, and the fit is just slouchy enough.  Did I mention they’re $15?  But the brand makes a lot more than t-shirts.  Here are some more Everlane tops that are definitely worth your time.


Clean Edge Longsleeve Tee ($28)

I love the clean hem on this tee.  The length is also nice.  It’s a little boxy, but it’s nothing a tailor can’t fix.


The Silk Tank ($55)

I own this in three colors.  It’s the perfect top for wearing under suits, blazers, and cardigans.


Modern Silk Point Collar ($78)

I’m hoping they bring the mandarin collar blouse back, but I like this as an alternative.


The Luxe Crew Sweater ($72)

The sweater is a fine gauge merino wool.  It’s nice, a little slouchy for my taste.


The Cotton Sweater ($60)

I know some of you have commented about wool allergies, these cotton sweaters would be a nice option.


Cashmere Crew ($125)

This is the perfect preppy crewneck sweater.  I would own this in every color.



  1. Julia says:

    I buy my t-shirts pretty much exclusively from Everlane now- the quality is impeccable and they are so soft and comfortable. I would also recommend the Ryan line of tops (especially the tank and long sleeve) and the terry sweaters!

    October 7, 2015/Reply
  2. Monica says:

    I had to abandon Everlane unfortunately. Their t-shirts are too short for me, and their Ryan tank hasn’t held up well. I found another company called PACT Apparel that uses Fair Trade manufacturing AND Organic Cotton. Also their shirts are long enough for me to wear with jeans and have a finer hand feel.

    October 7, 2015/Reply
  3. LS says:

    Everlane cotton, while soft, shrunk up and got holes on me (several different styles, so it’s not just one kind of tee). Their sweaters, on the other hand, are amazing.

    October 7, 2015/Reply
  4. Suzanna says:

    Hi Belle,
    Love the blog! Everlane has a “secret shop” where you can still buy the band collar:


    This was my favorite style as well.

    October 7, 2015/Reply
    • Belle says:

      Cue the angel chorus.

      October 8, 2015/Reply
  5. Bb says:

    How do you protect the armpits of your blazers when wearing tanks underneath?

    October 9, 2015/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I don’t have that issue, but you can buy pit pads for your blazers.

      October 9, 2015/Reply
  6. Cammy says:

    This is a timely post–I am in the midst of searching for long sleeve Ts. These are cute, but I am looking for something more fitted and dressy, to wear under a blazer to work. Do you have any suggestions? And if I could find one in maroon or burgundy, all the better . . .

    October 9, 2015/Reply