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The Workday Reading: July 30, 2015


Thank you for your patience this week with the reduced content.  I have a huge school project due on Friday and, well, a new puppy who doesn’t understand my obsession with the silver Apple-branded box.  I’ll get caught up this weekend, and we’ll be back to normal next week.


1) Is there one question that can help you make the best new hire?  Fast Company thinks so.

2) These $29 lace-up flats have all the style of their Aquazurra brethren at a much lower price.

3) A father left his daughters $10 million each, but he put some constraints on the money to ensure that they don’t turn into wealthy ne’er-do-wells.

4) Off5th is having a clearance blow-out sale.  This Lafayette blouse and this dot-spray dress ($45) both caught my eye.  This $36 faux-leather satchel is a great basic.

5) The New York Times can tell you how many times your information has exposed to hackers thanks to a terrifying table.

6) Let’s talk clutches.  This Ecco sculpted clutch is modern and gorgeous.  This zippered, pale pink clutch from ASOS is a cool piece.

7) A negotiator brokering million-dollar deals has handled everyone from art dealers to warlords, and now he has tips to make you a better negotiator.

8) These $59 Gap trousers have a dressy look and a flattering tab front.  I also like this striped peplum tee.

9) Levo League covers how to freelance and make money.

10) I adore the chic black-and-blue print on this Kate Spade wallet.

11) TBD reviews beauty tools for microdermabrasion, acne prevention, and more.  I own the Illumask they review, and it lessens my breakouts.

12) This one-shoulder swim top from Moda Operandi is to.die.for.

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  1. Curvy CEO says:

    I’ve always been so impressed with the frequency of your content! How in the world do you find the time? (No really…how do you? What’s your writing schedule?)

    July 30, 2015/Reply
  2. Leigh says:

    Everyone and their mom has my personal information by this point. 🙁

    July 30, 2015/Reply
  3. Jenn S. says:

    I think the hiring fellow in the Fast Company article is a bit of a jerk, frankly. While it is important to get a sense of how candidates hold up under pressure, I feel like asking that (especially that way) is kind of underhanded.

    Yes, we all have shortcomings. It isn’t really appropriate to force someone into a corner of self-deprecation (even if worded diplomatically) during an interview. It would be better suited (adequately modified) for a performance review for an existing employee – like, “If we were hiring you today…” but it would also be important to position it so it is not taken as a threat.

    July 30, 2015/Reply
    • Monica says:

      I like this question better than some of the stupid ones listed in that google interview article, those seemed completely irrelevant and elitist.

      I think this one provides a good tool for the interviewee to know if the company is the right place for them as well.

      If I answered that you wouldn’t want to hire me because I expect to have candid discourse about what I’m doing and why, and often verbally disagree with my manager about proposed courses of action, and this is the kind of company where orders only flow downhill and that is considered ‘insubordination’ then I know that I really DON’T want to work there, and that they shouldn’t hire me. I would say we both just dodged a bullet.

      July 30, 2015/Reply
      • Jenn S. says:

        See, discussion is so good. I didn’t even consider it that way, so thank you for the perspective.

        It is all too common that input is taken as insubordination.

        July 31, 2015/Reply
  4. Niki says:

    I laughed after I completed the table and saw the numbers on information exposure. As in laughed and said, oh, is that it? I fully assume China has all of my information, as well as the usual suspect hackers, but assume I am not useful enough to any of them at this point. I check my bank accounts daily and my credit score regularly. It is what it is. Welcome to the technology age!

    July 31, 2015/Reply