Workday Reading

The Workday Reading : July 23, 2015



1) Learnvest tells us the ‘5 Commandments of Salary Negotiation.’

2) This Charlie bag from Sole Society can be carried as a tote or as a foldover-messenger bag.  And I am loving this cool, tasseled clutch.

3) More Magazine features on piece on Condoleeza Rice, in her own words.

4) What’s black and blue and cool all over?  This dotted-jacquard sweater from Anthropologie.

5) A start-up investor discusses what he looks for when investing in a company and how he lost $1 billion by passing on AirBnB.

6) I wasn’t wow-ed by the shoe selection at the Anniversary Sale, but I really like these chic Louise et Cie ankle boots.

7) Adequate Man illustrates the different approaches for dealing with rude neighbors.

8) This Sephora Collection teardrop brush is the perfect tool for applying highlighter.  It gives the perfect soft finish.

9) The New York Times tells us how walking in nature can change your brain.

10) This silver, beaded Jenny Packham dress is a jaw-dropper.

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