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Ask Belle: Skincare Sheet Masks

Dear Belle,

Thanks for keeping your blog going while you’re in law school.  I have a skincare question.  Have you tried one of these sheet masks?  Clay and cream masks are just too messy for me and the idea of a cloth one really appeals.  Suggestions?

Have a Happy 4th! Paige

Sheet masks are one of the latest skincare trends to make their way over from South Korea.  Your skin absorbs the moisture and nutrients from the sheet, and emerges plumper and brighter than it was before.  The masks are perfect for lazy girls who want to get maximum benefits with minimum effort.

I usually use charcoal clay masks to draw impurities, but when my skin is stressed, it’s nice to put something back in.  There’s a mask to address almost any skin concern, from enlarged pores to blackheads.  So choose your mask based on your needs.

At the top of the market, the SKII face masks are great for hydration and anti-aging.  I tried their Facial Treatment Mask last winter, and I liked the deep hydration and brightening effect.  The best part is you can buy one mask for $17 to try before you commit to a larger (more expensive number).

As much as I liked the SKII mask, there are so many affordable choices on the market, I decided not to splurge on sheet masks.

Tony Moly is a great Korean brand that makes this tomato face mask to give your skin a boost of moisture and anti-oxidants.  Have a big event coming up?  This Masker-Aide face mask helps your makeup look extra gorgeous by plumping and smoothing your skin.  And their all-nighter face mask helps your skin recover if you have too much fun.

My advice?  Go to Ulta or Sephora and shop around for a sheet mask to address your individual needs.  At just a few bucks a piece, you can test them out before you commit.



  1. Yet Another Heather says:

    The Miss Spa line at Ulta has a fantastic line of sheet masks. Love them!

    July 7, 2015/Reply
  2. B says:

    I love the Sephora masks and they’re only $6. I always throw one in my bag when I fly (which is frequently) it’s just the ticket after the Sahara-like climate of the plane.

    July 7, 2015/Reply
  3. Saramel says:

    Although not a sheet mask the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask (available at Target) is amazing and even less trouble than a sheet mask. It’s like putting on lotion, a quick slather and five minutes later you can go to bed without rinsing. My skin has never looked better than the morning after using it. (Thank you Allure Beauty Box for introducing it to me!)

    July 9, 2015/Reply