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The Workday Reading: May 21, 2015



1) While Fast Company talks about how to love your job every day, The Washington Post reminds you that you don’t have to.

2) Target has some great, inexpensive cardigans.  They offer this short-sleeve cardi and this crewneck cardi in multiple colors.  And I love this long, pale grey cardigan for keeping warm in the office.

3) Find out what your name would be if you were born today. (Super fun.)

4) I tried on this Joie printed skirt at Nordstrom last week–how is it 55%-off at The Outnet today?  I love the soft pastels.

5) Levo League offers advice on how to follow your gut when making a big decision.

6) I think the Mulberry Willow tote with the detachable clutch is brilliant. I’ve been hoping this idea would trickle down to the lower price points.  This Tory Burch is still pricey at $595, but it’s two chic bags in one.  I hope a designer will make a similar bag in the $150-ish region soon.

7) Can you steal an education?  The curious case of a family who may have lied to get their daughter into a better public school.

8) When I was watching Full House in the ’90s, I never could have imagined that one day the Olsen twins would grow up to make incredibly sexy dresses.

9) Billy Crystal takes on the topic of athletes as role models.  The end result is a funny and timely video.

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  1. Mica says:

    The story about families being fined and prosecuted for wanting a better education for their kids is incredibly disheartening. My husband was districted for an inner city school, but his mom used his aunt’s address to get into a better school district. They both wanted it because they knew he wasn’t getting the education he needed when teachers were too busy breaking up fights or getting stabbed. Schools being funded by property taxes just ensures that poor kids get a poor education. There’s got to be a better way.

    May 21, 2015/Reply
    • T says:

      I completely understand the perspective that these policies hurt low income kids the most and I have much more sympathy for trying to gain access to better education, especially when the affordability of private school is not an option. I agree with you that there has to be a better way and I’m glad your husband was able to benefit from a great education.

      I have observed however, at least here in DC, that the more likely parents to take advantage of false addresses are upper and upper middle class parents. They are able to afford renting out an apartment in their desired school district, or buy a condo to then sell/rent after a year in addition to their home mortgage. When there are limited spots in schools, this results in kids who LIVE in specific school zones to experience delays getting into the school in pre-K programs. And the most likely kids to get the bump are kids that are from low income families unfortunately. Such a shame to manipulate the system this way.

      It happens so frequently here now in more affluent school zones (think NW, Capitol Hill, etc.), that I believe DC is instituting mandatory annual residency check. I get that you do what is best for your kid, but when you fail to realize that it is at the expense of another’s child may have no other recourse… just wrong.

      May 21, 2015/Reply
      • TT says:

        DC does do a mandatory residency check each year, at least the charter schools do. You have to provide a DC drivers license/ID, and either proof of government assistance, paystub with your address, or current vehicle registration. Utility bills don’t make the cut.

        May 22, 2015/Reply
    • GoGoGo says:

      Agreed, thanks for sharing…that story is insane! Using relatives’ addresses to get kids into better schools is so, so common and understandable, and jail time is outrageous…

      May 21, 2015/Reply
  2. Monica says:

    Now I’m wishing I was born in the 1910s so I could have been named Lula. Or Addie, or Effie or Stellaaaaaaaaaa! After that they all blow. Guess I’ll stick with what I got.

    May 21, 2015/Reply
    • Mica says:

      Love Marlon Brando, love that movie.

      If I were named today I’d be Lorelai, which I love because I’ve always dreamed of being a Gilmore Girl.

      May 21, 2015/Reply
  3. Mish says:

    Rebecca Minkoff makes a bag similar to that Mulberry one. Not sure if it’s still on her website, but I have seen them at TJ Maxx for around $200 and Ebay.

    May 21, 2015/Reply
  4. Alison @ Peacoat Diaries says:

    I have to warn again those (arguably very cute) Target sweaters — I just weeded a bunch of sad, wilted Target knits out of my closet. They look sooo appealing on the hanger/shelf but they fade and pill and just look bad after just a few wears. For the same price point, you can find better options at Gap, H&M, etc.

    May 22, 2015/Reply
  5. K says:

    DC schools have been supposed to be checking residency every year for years. Effectiveness depends on the school and I think it’s getting better. I think what you see and experience depends on who you know. There are neighborhoods where kids are being registered by their grandparents or other relatives. It may not be the school you or I would angle to get our kids into, but presumably it is better for them from either the quality of the school or their transportation/child care alternatives. I can’t speak to what there is more of or not more of.

    May 30, 2015/Reply