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Ask Belle: Four Statement Bracelets Under-$50

Hi Belle,

A lot of your posts feature big bracelets.  I looked for some this weekend and didn’t find much.  The things I did find looked really cheap.  Can you help me find a few bracelets that cost under fifty bucks?  I love your blog, thanks for keeping up with it!

Kelly J.

I love a large, chunky bracelet.  It adds a lot of interest to an outfit.  Whether you choose a cuff, a large bangle, or a stack of smaller bracelets, you can really make a statement.  I found a few bracelets that fell into your price range, so let’s take a look at them.


Polished Wood Bangles ($34)

I love a wood bangle for casual wear.  They look great with a maxi dress.  Also, if you’re headed to the pool and you want to look a little glamorous, a wood bangle looks effortless and natural.  This striped wood bangle from Anthro is another great piece.


Vince Camuto Cuff ($48)

Cut-out cuffs are versatile option that can be worn with any outfit.  They have weight, but they don’t overpower.  This cuff also comes in gold.


H&M 2-Pack Bracelets ($15)

I love the coppery-brown of these double cuff bracelets.  Wear them both on one arm, or wear one on each arm to cover the cuffs of a flowy, long-sleeve blouse.  I also like this enamel cuff from Fornash that offers the same shape in your choice of five colors.


Baroque Bangle Bracelet ($34)

Looking for something a bit more opulent?  This jaguar cuff is perfect.  Wear it alone or layer it.  I also like the look of this stack of jeweled open cuffs from Nordstrom.  They’re pretty, but not too glitzy.


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  1. Addie says:

    I don’t know if it has something to do with my body chemistry, but bracelets and rings always turn my skin green and the finish eventually wears off unless it’s stainless steel or 24 kt gold. I have found one jewelry designer whose sterling silver jewelry I can wear constantly without issue. I’m not sure what’s different about that jewelry except that it’s expensive. Does anyone else have this issue? Clear nail polish only seems to help temporarily.

    May 21, 2015/Reply