Workday Reading

The Workday Reading: April 30, 2015



1) The 5 Things Your Emails Need to Include to Get People to Read and Respond.

2) This Nine West ‘Valaria’ wedge sandal is perfect for summer.  It comes in a strong variety of colors for an affordable $78.  These red high-heeled sandals with mesh accents are also really fun.

3) LA Weekly covers how the liberal-leaning film industry excels at discriminating against women.  And I thought politics was bad.

4) Elle covers the American drugstore-beauty products that French fashion editors love.  My favorite drugstore products?  Eucerin Aquaphor (great for the under-eye area) and Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick in Shade 08.

5) The Verge discusses the best ways to store your photos online.

6) This simple, black dress from Anne Klein could work in any office wardrobe.  Plus-size? This Pendleton dress is very similar.

7) An ex-boyfriend used the Internet destroy Zoe Quinn’s reputation, but he wasn’t alone.  He had an army of trolls gleefully helping him.

8) Beauty High covers how to apply highlighter to your eye area.  I love this Anastasia highlighter stick.

9) Fighting a tendency to procrastinate?  Inc says an app may be the best way to fix it.

10) This pale violet Balenciaga dress is incredible.  I love the pleated sheer yoke.  #jawsdrop

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  1. Phyllis Farr says:

    What am I doing wrong? Is there a way to get back to your post directly after going to a linked site. Right now, I click on a link, go to it, and then have to exit out, and then go back to gmail, and then back to your email…
    That’s a lot of starting all over if I look at all the good stuff you’ve mentioned/recommended — and I do.
    There must be a better way…

    April 30, 2015/Reply
    • Belle says:

      Thanks for sending this. I don’t use the email feature so it’s good to know more about how it works on a practical level. We’re starting a massive redesign in July. My hope is to have it complete by September. I know that’s a long time from now. I will see if there’s another solution that works in the short term, but if there’s not, I will pass this along to the designer to fix in future.

      We’re also working on making it mobile compatible and a few other things. Until then, try opening the links in new tabs. Browsers have a shortcut to do that. For example, in Safari, I can hold down the command key when I click and it does it automatically. You can google the shortcut for the browser you’re using.

      I know this isn’t a perfect solution, but it is a temporary one. I was hoping to have the blog design done shortly after the new year, but I had to save up for it, so it will take a bit longer. Apologies for the inconvenience.

      April 30, 2015/Reply
  2. cara says:

    Belle, great and sad/depressing article on Hollywood female discrimination. It gives me even more initiative to forgo watching movies and focus on books, exercise, family, and friends.

    April 30, 2015/Reply