Workday Reading

The Workday Reading: April 22



1) Jon Krakauer has a new book about sexual violence on the University of Montana campus.  As a Montanan, I know way, way too many women who were the victims of UofM’s rape culture.  Hopefully the campus can change for the better.

2) Target has a laser-cut satchel in pale-pink or red that packs a lot of punch for $37.

3) Buzzfeed has a great article on wearing high heels and making them comfortable.  They cover everything from stretching heels in the freezer and choosing a good insole.

4) I am obsessed with this floral-print skirt from Banana Republic.  This zig-zag pleated skirt also caught my eye.  Thank goodness it’s skirt season.

5) Racked has the skinny on how to “spring clean” every tool in your beauty arsenal.

6) Speaking of heels…my favorite Michael Kors flex pumps are 15-percent-off in your choice of black, tan, and red.  Want something more fun?  Try these BCBG ankle strap pumps.

7) The Awl discusses how gentrification is widening food deserts and creating a culture clash between those who can have artisan cuisine delivered and those who can’t afford milk at the corner store.

8) Looking for cute hair accessories for summer weather?  This slim, gold barrette is nice.  I also like this chic ‘power clip’ from Mrs. President.

9) Spinster is a new book by Kate Bolick about reclaiming singlehood.  Longreads has an interview with her about remaining unmarried.

10) Need a Mother’s Day card (or just a card for any occasion)?  My friend Alex has a fun line of cheeky, letterpress products, and she’s offering readers 20%-off with code CAPHILL20.

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  1. Monica says:

    No matter how many times I hear about campus rape culture I am still so sickened, saddened and disgusted every single time. When you see stats like that and hear testimony from people who seemingly don’t realize their horrible actions are wrong, what is going on with these places?! It’s like some kind of Lord of Flies scenario where they’re reduced to animals by running around in packs of sociopathic boy-men? I know the solution is not to counsel our women on how to avoid these situations, but as a mother I would be more than hesitant to send my daughter (or son!) to a place like that. Maybe when enrollment starts dropping due to safety issues the administration will take some real action.

    April 23, 2015/Reply
  2. Heather says:

    I’m sorry, but is that really a $100 barrette!?!?! Is it magical or something?

    April 23, 2015/Reply
    • heather says:

      sorry $78… i had grazed through the collection and noticed they got more expensive!

      April 23, 2015/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I thought it was dumb too, but if you think about how many cheap clips you buy because they don’t last, maybe it’s worth it if you wear it all the time.

      April 23, 2015/Reply