Workday Reading

The Workday Reading: April 16, 2015



1) Sometimes the hardest thing for a type-A chick to do is slow down.  Fast Company has some tips on learning to decompress.

2) Madewell has some chic, minimalist jewelry on sale right now.  This double-knot ring is a really cool piece.  I also like how this bangle bracelet is hammered flat.

3) The Center for Public Integrity investigates why schools are reporting minor disciplinary issues to law enforcement.  Imagine winding up in the court system for kicking a trash can.

4) No lie, this Amope electric foot file is just the thing to get your feet in shape for sandal season.

5) The New York Times discusses the likelihood that your birth control will let you down.

6) Macy’s is offering buy one, get one 50-percent-off select handbags with code BAGIT.  Ends at 10PM EST.

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  1. Meg says:

    Thanks for the tip on the Macy’s sale–I’ve been eyeing that Michael Kors satchel forever! However, when I enter that promo code, I’m receiving a notification that Macy’s doesn’t recognize it. Is anyone else having this issue?

    April 16, 2015/Reply
  2. Jenn S. says:

    I know you have talked about the Ped-Egg before, but have you used any other electric files/would you know how any others compare to the Amope?

    April 16, 2015/Reply
  3. JW says:

    I’m not having any luck with the Macy’s thing and your link took me to a shoe sale — did it end early or did I miss something?

    April 16, 2015/Reply
  4. Belle says:

    I want to apologize for the Macy’s sale link. A PR person contacted me promoting the sale, and did not mention it was actually BUY 1, GET 1 50%-OFF. Kind of a critical distinction there. I wrote the post last night using the link she sent, and thus, the pickle we’re in.

    I usually don’t post sales before they go live and I can check them, but since the person worked for Macy’s PR company, I figured it would be fine. I was clearly wrong about that. It won’t happen again. I changed the post to reflect the real parameters of the sale.

    April 16, 2015/Reply
  5. YouSaucyMinx says:

    I appreciate the slow down article and I love the pictures. This is something I’m really trying to work on!

    April 17, 2015/Reply
  6. Monica says:

    I can’t believe the charges these school police officers are bringing against preteens! It is so much harder to get out of the system than it is to get in, these trumped up charges could easily be used against them the rest of their lives. They are materially damaging their futures by allowing these cases to get to court and go on their records. Appalling!

    April 17, 2015/Reply
  7. Kate says:

    The birth control article is interesting, but as a stats geek something seemed wrong about the methodology. After some searching I found this article that points to why it’s wrong. Love your reading round-ups and I really look forward to them!

    April 19, 2015/Reply
  8. Lauren says:

    I am a teacher in the district where the student was expelled and charged; it is a despicable use of law enforcement, especially considering the student has a disability. As a special education teacher, I can’t help but wonder about negligence and what kinds of options this student has in terms of a lawsuit. I work with aggressive, emotionally disturbed children and was actually punched in the face by a student, blacked out, and woke up in the ER. Pressing charges never even crossed my mind, nor did asking for disciplinary action. Depending on the disability, students cannot be held accountable the way others can. It’s a gross injustice and I’m saddened to say that I work for that district.

    April 21, 2015/Reply