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The Workday Reading: March 4, 2015



1) Marie Claire talks about the rules of gossiping at the office.  While the Wall Street Journal discusses what to do if you become the subject of the office rumor mill.

2) has some new under-$80 handbags on sale.  I am especially fond of this BCBG blush satchel and this Ivanka Trump tote with chic, minimal hardware.

3) How delicious does this Mushroom Stew look?

4) Black Halo is my absolute favorite.  The neckline on this Emmeline dress is phenomenal.  Their Gypsy Rose sheath is another wonderful piece.  The sheer overlay on the skirt of this Vogue cocktail dress is positively sublime.

5) Clementine Daily has a thought-provoking piece on being a grown-up and embracing your age.

6) Baublebar has some fantastic jewelry right now.  This pearl ring is so unique and unexpected.  This long, spiky y-necklace is really cool.  This jaguar bangle has a boldness to it that will boost any outfit.

7) Working in professional environs, people pride themselves on being the busiest, them most in-demand, the one who is needed to answer e-mails at 3:00AM.  The Washington Post covers whether exhaustion is a status symbol.

8) I need to replace some dishes that broke in my move, and these mid-century, black-and-white stamp bowls from West Elm are just the ticket.  Best of all, they’re on sale.

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  1. Crystal says:

    Tying in with Number 7, I wanted to share my favorite piece ever on the self-deluding status of being “busy”: a 2012 New York Times opinion piece titled, “The Busy Trap.”

    March 4, 2015/Reply
    • RTK says:

      Wow, that’s a great article. It put into words so much of what I think/feel about some of my friends. Particularly the part about trying to make plans on the weekends and saying ‘Oh I’ll see – if something doesn’t come up at work. Let me know.’

      March 4, 2015/Reply
  2. Meghan says:

    Number 5 though. I kept thinking, “oh yes, that.” “Oh, and that.”

    March 4, 2015/Reply
  3. Monica says:

    Honestly, we have someone on our team who is always ‘busy’ and it is a huge joke to the rest of us. If one of us says to another, well why don’t you see if so-and-so can help, the other person invariably, and without prompting says, oh he’s too busy, and we both nod knowingly.

    It means that while he’s making himself appear invaluable by being too busy for anything unexpected, he’s missing out on experience and new projects that would actually make him as important as he wants to be. This is also the same person who always wants to get on your project that sounds fun or exciting. Don’t be that guy or gal.

    Bottom line: Everyone is busy, nobody else needs to be reminded that you have a job to do.

    March 4, 2015/Reply
  4. Benedetta says:

    Number 5 I think 😉
    Be Happy with Fashion

    March 5, 2015/Reply