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Belle’s Weekly Reading: February 26, 2015


I have two midterms and a very big job interview in my immediate future, so today is the blog’s Friday.  Ya’ know, priorities and all.  Have a safe and fun weekend.


1) With the recent announcement that Harper Lee will publish a new-old novel, some are speculating about the plot and asking if Ms. Lee is being used by profiteers.  Also, Mental Floss has a piece on nine famous authors who regretted the popularity of their work.

2) An evening on the town out West usually means wearing denim, so I’ve decided to up my shoe game.  These $30 coral heels with a bold shape are a good place to start.

3) Beyonce’s fans didn’t like when a fan site published un-retouched photos of the singer.  The Washington Post addresses how 25 years of Photoshop has altered our perception of reality.

4) ASOS has such wonderful dresses. This black dress with an embellished collar is really unique.  And if there’s anyone searching for a beautiful, short wedding dress, I found it (also with short sleeves).  Truly gorgeous.

5) Double-baked Chocolate Meringue Brownie?  You have my attention.

6) Rebecca Taylor has a pretty good sale happening right now.  I love this gorgeous pink lace dress and this floral-printed frock for spring.  This inset jacket is a unique work option.  I’m positively smitten with this ombre, beaded top for evening and this geo-print blouse for day.

7) Are you applying your hair products incorrectly?  Cosmopolitan has the answer.

8) Freida Rothman’s beautiful baubles are my new obsession.  This gorgeous mixed metal ring has way more than $90 worth of style.  I also love this coordinating stackable bracelet.  Looking for something softer?  These rose gold and silver stack rings are perfect.

9) LAWeekly has a longform piece on the secret life of Hollywood extras.  You’ll never believe what a union extra can earn for just a few hours work.  No wonder it’s so hard to break into SAG.

10) After January’s post on alternative cleansing methods, I picked up the $10 size of Boscia’s Cool Cleansing Oil.  My skin is a bit softer and calmer, but I want to try Ole Henriksen’s Melting Cleanser and Josie Maran’s Argan Cleansing Oil before I commit.

11) Remember the movie Titanic?  A new theory about the plot has emerged; be sure to scroll to the end to get the full picture.

12) J.Crew Factory has a number of new arrivals in stock.  I really like the look of this short-sleeve, crepe dress in a bright emerald-green.

*image found here, at Brewed Together.



  1. MLKSAH says:

    I tried on the gorgeous Rebecca Taylor pink lace dress. The organza panels are fairly sheer. I wouldn’t have felt comfortable using this as a work dress (I thought it would work with a blazer or sweater). I also don’t recommend the dress for fellow women under 5’4″ because the shoulder alterations you would need aren’t worth it (given the location of the lace I’m not sure alterations are worth the risk), even at the sale price. That said, the dress is a beautiful pink color.

    February 26, 2015/Reply
  2. Andrea says:

    Thank you so much for all of your posts. Out of the hundreds of blogs that I’ve perused, yours has the best content, the most relatable pricing for work clothing, and the BEST articles. Thanks again! -Andrea in DC

    February 26, 2015/Reply
  3. Pink says:

    Good luck! Belle! Best wishes to your midterms and the big job interview! (think about it, if you get it you can go a shopping spree! – wait, is it a positive encouragement? nevertheless it works for me:p) Best luck!

    February 26, 2015/Reply
  4. Annie says:

    Hey Belle, I keep exiting out of your blog by accident when I go to one of your links. Would you be able to set it up so your links open in new windows? Love the blog–it always gives me great ideas!!

    February 26, 2015/Reply
    • Belle says:

      This has been a persistent problem. We’ve tried two or three solutions, but WordPress just doesn’t seem to cooperate. I just hit control and click, or command and click on a Mac, and it opens in a new window. Maybe we’ll discover the glitch during the redesign, here’s hoping.

      February 26, 2015/Reply
      • TT says:

        This may not be helpful, but when I’m reading if I’m on the main page it opens in the same window. If I click through to the actual post (the page with comments), clicking on links opens a new tab. Good luck on midterms and in your interview!

        February 26, 2015/Reply
    • r says:

      You can also right click and choose ‘open link in new tab.’

      February 27, 2015/Reply
  5. e says:

    I tried the Ole Henrikson cleanser and I’m steal dealing with the aftermath of my breakout. My skin isn’t usually terribly sensitive, but it did NOT like this cleanser. Don’t know if it was the vitamin C or the oils in it, but it also left a sticky residue that was hard to remove. Luckily I was able to return it. Thinking about trying the Boscia one, let us know if you try it!

    February 26, 2015/Reply
  6. TR says:

    Best of luck!!

    February 26, 2015/Reply
  7. Mary says:

    As a fellow student, best of luck on your mid-terms. This semester is much harder than last one for me.

    And best wishes for your job interview also.

    February 27, 2015/Reply