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Belle’s Workday Reading: February 11, 2015



1) Domaine has a list of the most important financial habits to establish before you are 30.

2) It’s unbelievable that this dual-zippered Forever21 satchel is only $27.

3) Levo League explains why “dressing like the boss” is a good thing for your career.

4) I don’t buy a lot of things from Theory, but this black and white shift is a classic.  I also love this layered silk blouse.  I’m also thinking about giving this basic grey suit a try.

5) Most of us aren’t getting enough sleep.  The Coveteur covers the products that the ladies of Fashion Week use to look like they slept for 8-hours.  I like Blue Copper Firming Repair and good concealer.

6) I love cool bracelets for dressing up basic outfits.  This cuff with a marble-like stone is an affordable $10.  This Panacea bracelet with a mix of gold and black is a versatile choice.  Looking for something smaller?  This Kenneth Cole open-bracelet is gorgeous layered or worn alone.

7) Being a personal assistant is an odd job; you are go-for, planner, and trusted associate.  No one knows this better than President Obama’s former body-man, Reggie Love.

8) I wore my teal Halogen skirt the other day, and reminded me how much I love that brand.  With a little bit of tailoring, their tuck-detail skirt suit (also in plus-size) is a great piece for the office.  And don’t miss their basic black pencil skirt.

9) Someone asked Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg when there would be enough women on the Court.  Her answer is awesome.

10) LOFT has some wonderful things in their New Arrivals section.  This diamond-stitch sweater is fabulous.  This cotton-jacquard moto-jacket is a fun piece.  But I adore this leaf-print long-sleeve dress; it’s the ultimate versatile dress.

11) What some of the world’s most popular websites looked like on the day they launched.  (The early 2000s were rough years for web design.)

12) Ignore the way the model is styled, this pink sheath dress with a black belt is pure Grace Kelly.

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  1. Anna says:

    Interesting article from Levo League; I think about this a lot. I work in fairly casual non-profit/public office, but our director and assistant director are always dressed more professionally than my peers. I don’t want to alienate my colleagues, but I also don’t want to show up to work in jeans and sneakers. I take my work seriously, and I want the clients I work with to view me as a professional. Sounds like I’m making an ok choice.

    February 11, 2015/Reply
  2. MRitz says:

    Just bought my first Theory suit for a next-stage-of-my-career interview and have been really happy. I bought the Custom Gabe jacket and a skirt and pants.

    February 11, 2015/Reply