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Belle’s Workday Reading: January 7, 2015



1) A new year means lists of career advice are populating websites everywhere.  Fast Company has five pieces of common career advice to avoid.  U.S. News has a few more from the editor of Ask a Manager.

2) Target has some incredible bags right now.  This $45 turnlock satchel is phenomenal.  I also like this satchel with a sophisticated crackle texture and sleek hardware.

3) I laughed out loud when a reader sent me this old Bloomberg article on the best shoes for professional women (it praises everything I preach against).  My must haves?  The MK Flex Pump in round or pointed-toe and the BP Moreover Flat.

4) Oh, La Petite Robe, why must you make such beautiful dresses?

5) Planning to negotiate for a raise?  SBS offers tips on how to make your pitch more successful.  But before you step into the room, don’t forget to research what the industry standard is so you’re not over or under valuing yourself.

6) Dillard’s has some nice suits right now.  This Antonio Melani suit is a well-made basic.  I also like this Gianni Bini pants suit.

7) J.Crew brought back their Cece Ballet Flat. Shoppers initially rejoiced, until they saw how the company had changed the shoe, but not the price.

8) I had a request for leather laptop bags.  (Word of warning, feminine leather laptop bags are not cheap.)  I use this Rebecca Minkoff Knocked Up Baby Bag with leather trim.  I also love this Lodis Audrey Brera bag.

9) Some career advice from the “girl bosses” of the fashion industry.

10) Fighting under-eye puffiness and fine lines?  This Benefit Puff-Off under-eye treatment really works.  I was surprised how much smoother my under-eye concealer (best one ever!) looked when I used it.

11) Levo League has an interesting take on how to use your resume to emphasize the importance of your education.  It’s an interesting take in a world where experience is said to trump your degree.

12) This simple, short-sleeve white dress from White House Black Market is a must. I can think of dozens of ways to wear it now, and in the spring.

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  1. Jen says:

    So quickly I accumulate open tabs from these posts! Love it. Thanks for all of the wonderful things listed.

    January 7, 2015/Reply
  2. J says:

    I have the from Knomo Avignon laptop case in black and grey. It’s not full leather, just quilted with leather accents, but I always get compliments on it. The have other cute styles. The Wigmore is full leather and on sale right now.

    January 7, 2015/Reply
  3. Lexi says:

    re: the shoes– when I read articles like that I think of people that have a medical/physical condition that means they have to wear sensible shoes. I wear a lot of flats at work (that I get at Madewell, Piperlime, etc. It started with an ankle injury) and have been asked by many coworkers about where to get flats and what kind to get. I think it’s sad that articles like the Bloomberg one make women think orthopedic shoes are the only alternative. FWIW, I’ve also learned that buying heels that come straight down from the heel (don’t know what it’s called) provide more support and are more comfortable.

    January 7, 2015/Reply
    • Belle says:

      Agreed. If you need those shoes, you need them. If you don’t need that kind of support, don’t think that’s the only comfy shoe on the block.

      January 7, 2015/Reply
  4. Lauren says:

    I spent months looking for a new work purse that can fit my laptop and finally found the perfect one: the Gigi New York Parker Satchel has a padded sleeve to fit an 11″ laptop, but is still a gorgeous bag.

    January 7, 2015/Reply
  5. ellen says:

    Love that dress from White House/Black Market. Any chance you would do a two ways post on it? Or even how to take it from winter to summer?


    January 7, 2015/Reply
  6. Anonymouse says:

    I read the advice from the fashion girl bosses and it is all so true. I’m much more business savvy and mature now that I’ve been in the workforce for around 20 years and every piece of advice is right on the money. I think it takes years in the workforce to learn these lessons and unfortunately, they can’t always be taught.

    January 7, 2015/Reply
  7. Joules (@stylebyjoules) says:

    I found that shoe article particularly interesting. I was expecting really outdated advice, but it actually seemed sensible. I personally don’t ever see a need to wear heels over 2 inches in the office (and I the few ladies I do see in my office wearing them look a little strangely try hard) but I also think that wearing heels in the office is ok if you’re not walking for miles each day. I feel like that article was a little unrealistic–who is going to wearing tevas around all day every day?

    January 7, 2015/Reply
    • giggling gourmand says:

      I bet that’s because you’re not short! I wear flats and short heels on occasion now – particularly when I don’t have meetings, but especially in my old job where I worked mainly around 6 foot tall men I thought the added height was key.

      January 8, 2015/Reply
  8. Anna says:

    Omg, it’s like you read my mind! My parents bought me a new laptop for Christmas that’s just too big to fit into my existing bag (Lo & Sons OMG). I’d love to find one that looks professional but fits this thing.

    January 7, 2015/Reply
    • Belle says:

      Lo & Sons makes the Brookline, it holds most laptops. I used it when I had a 15″ Mac.

      January 7, 2015/Reply
  9. giggling gourmand says:

    I don’t love that resume advice. I think school, major/program, graduation date, and any relevant activities/honors are good but the other stuff seems like overkill. That said, I review intern resumes regularly and I don’t think we see any come by w/o a GPA anymore – so I guess that’s the norm now …

    January 8, 2015/Reply
  10. Amy says:

    Belle, how did you determine which shade of the Maybelline concealer is right for you when you can’t try it out in store? I’m very interested in trying it but afraid of a mismatch. Thanks!

    January 12, 2015/Reply
    • Belle says:

      For the under-eye, I just chose the “neutralizer shade.” For the other, I brought in a bottle of my foundation and compared looking for something about a shade lighter.

      January 12, 2015/Reply