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Belle’s Workday Reading: November 19, 2014



1) 66-percent of Generation X men think that their partner will be the primary caregiver for their children.  Only 42-percent of women see themselves in that role.  Fortune Magazine and Harvard Business Review want to know if this gap in thinking will prevent women from having successful careers.  And Slate proclaims, “It isn’t your kids holding back your career, it’s your husband.

2) This Forever21 black satchel with a slouchy style might be my favorite under-$50 bag that I’ve featured.

3) A male TV host wore the same suit every day for a year and no one noticed.  I wore the same blazer twice in a week and someone notices.  Not fair.

4) Bloomingdale’s has new arrivals from T Tahari, and they are sublime.  This asymmetric dress in bright white with an elbow sleeve is perfect for holiday parties.  I also love this collarless jacket with a mesh trim.  And this lace yoke shell is adorable.

5) Career envy is a very real thing.  It’s that twinge of jealousy that hits when someone else grabs the job/accolade/invitation you want.  Elle has an article on how one of their writers got over her case of green-eyed jealousy.

6) I spend a lot of time window shopping.  This week, I found sthese leopard, t-strap pumps from Halogen.  This Topshop blouse has a cool feather print (though I’d have it taken in).  This Kut from Kloth tweed jacket with leather trim is definitely worth a look.

7) I like to clean up my office space several times per year.  One of my regular clean up days was the Friday before Thanksgiving.  It gave me the ability to come back from the holiday to a clean and focused space before the pre-New Year push.  Here are some tips for decluttering your space.

8) The Outnet has a new shipment of discounted DvF.  They have some great pieces, but I fell hard for this embellished black woven jacket.  For a work appropriate option, this midnight navy jacket is a great option.

9) Mashable offers nine pieces of career advice for women, from women.  I’m a big believer in #3.

10) My cuticles, elbows, and ankles are suffering in the dry winter air.  So I picked up a new tub of O’Keefe’s this weekend; it never lets me down.

11) WeWork started a new social network for career development.  Wired Magazine calls it “like LinkedIn, only actually useful.” 

12) I usually don’t prefer silk scarves to knit ones, but these watercolor-print Halston Heritage scarves have me totally rethinking that position.  One is a mix of grey and pink, another has shades of magenta, and my favorite is cobalt and black.  At $66 a piece, they can bring a bit of awesome to any outfit.

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  1. Kelsey says:

    I love these posts. But your hyperlinks used to open in a separate page. That was much more convenient!

    November 19, 2014/Reply
    • Belle says:

      This happened last week too. Try clearing your cache. That solved it for me.

      November 19, 2014/Reply
      • Kelsey says:

        Got it. Thank you!

        November 20, 2014/Reply
  2. Maggie says:

    On the Slate article regarding expectations of who will raise children: why is it when I read these studies, I’m always seeing a study on Ivy League (in this case, Harvard) graduates? We’re taking a very select group of people, deriving data, and then using that data to make statements about the broader population. I’d prefer to look at data from grads of the big state schools. Their demographics are much more representative of our society.

    November 19, 2014/Reply
  3. Joules (@stylebyjoules) says:

    Going to give the O’Keefe’s a shot–my hands have been crazy dry this winter. Way more than usual.

    Those Halogen leopard pumps are super cute!

    November 19, 2014/Reply
  4. Jennifer D says:

    I do not have children myself, but having supervised many women who do and are married, I identify with the Slate article. Here’s some additional reading – I don’t agree with the author in her many other blog entries, but this one resonated with me.

    November 19, 2014/Reply