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Workday Hairstyles: Barrettes and Clips


France Luxe Rectangle Barrette ($18)

Barrettes are officially back in style.  So lift your half-up/half-down hairstyle with a modern, sophisticated clip.

I like the France Luxe rectangle barrette in the photo.  It also comes in tortoise, speckled resin and more.  I also love this oval-shaped clip in abalone.  J.Crew also makes this tortoise clip with a hint of metallic, and this simple, gold clip.

Need a tutorial on how to tease hair so you can get lift at the crown?  Try this one from The Small Things Blog.


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  1. YouSaucyMinx.com says:

    LOVE that barrettes are back! I feel like Bridget Bardot 🙂

    If you have fine hair (like me) use a boar bristle brush instead of a teasing comb to get the most thickness and height. I also like FAt hairspray.

    August 19, 2014/Reply