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Rethinking Jones New York

Jones New York is just one of those brands that just isn’t considered cool.  Think Talbot’s, Land’s End and J. Jill.  When we hear their names, we think ‘stodgy’, ‘matronly’ or ‘flat’.  But the truth is, that buried in the rough are affordable, stylish pieces that won’t break the bank.  Maybe it’s time to rethink Jones New York’s place in the wardrobe hierarchy?

rsz_screen_shot_2014-06-03_at_90525_pmLeft to Right, Side Ruched Dress ($139) // Draped Front Suit Jacket ($149) // Colorblock Dress ($98) // Gathered Neck Shell ($69)

Let’s begin with the dresses.  While I do wish there were more dresses with sleeves (hint, hint), I do love their easy spring/summer dresses.  JNY carries basics like this belted navy sheath dress ($98) and this elbow-sleeve jersey swing dress ($99).  You can also choose brightly colored dresses like this cobalt peplum sheath ($79).  I also love this stone-colored swing dress with cap sleeves ($119) and this cotton pique sheath ($99), which looks like Tory Burch.

For tops, JNY makes several tops that would be great for spicing up basic suit pieces.  This top with the gathered neck and the bold pattern could be worn under a black suit, or with a black pencil and the drape jacket on the left.  This chain-print blouse ($59) incorporates several neutral colors.  I also like the soft blush color on this split-neck, sleeveless blouse ($59).  And if you like cardigans, this one with gradient stripes ($99) is fab.

The collection also includes some vibrant, printed scarves.  They have a phenomenal selection of earrings.  I especially loved these David Yurman-inspired drops and door-knockers with chalcedony-colored stones.

Like your life and laundry easy?  Don’t miss the washable suit separates and non-iron shirts.

JNY also carries petites and plus-sizes.  So you can find the same styles, fabrics and shapes in those lines.

As for shopping advice, the brand offers free shipping and free returns on any order over $99.  This allows you to try on a few pieces to see if you like them and send them back without hassle if you don’t.  And the website hosts regular sales, so sign up for their mailing list to save money.  But the best prices on Jones New York can often be found at Bloomingdale’s, Zappos and Macy’s.  So never pay full-price if you don’t have to.

JNY provides well-made, reasonably price clothing for the working woman.  So let’s start pulling legacy brands with boring reputations from the bin.  They give us the basics that allow us to add more exciting pieces to build a great wardrobe for work.



  1. Elle says:

    was this a sponsored post?

    June 4, 2014/Reply
    • Belle says:

      No. If it was sponsored, in compliance with FCC guidelines and best practices, it would say so.

      June 4, 2014/Reply
      • Elle says:

        Thanks for responding Belle! I am happy to see posts like this,

        June 4, 2014/Reply
  2. moosemom says:

    I love that you’ve caught onto them! I have a few surprisingly great JNY dresses that I’ve picked up over the last year or so. And 6pm.com also has a large selection of Jones New York clothing at discounted prices.

    June 4, 2014/Reply
  3. KH says:

    No offense – still don’t love them.

    June 4, 2014/Reply
  4. catlady says:

    I have a few JNY pieces that I like. You have to be careful and check them in person, though. I find many of their clothes are not only cheaply made of bad fabric, but even from a distance, they LOOK cheaply made and of bad fabric.

    Talbots, on the other hand, is one of those brands with a boring reputation that makes some great basics. I don’t know if they’ve been revamping, but I’ve been finding some great stuff for work there lately.

    June 4, 2014/Reply
    • B says:

      Talbots did a revamp in 2012 and brought on a new design team when they were bought up by a private equity firm. Ever since then, their lines have looked so much better. I have a few new pieces from them and get lots of compliments.

      June 4, 2014/Reply
    • AK says:

      I agree with the Talbots comment!

      June 4, 2014/Reply
  5. Anna says:

    I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Land’s End. I got an awesome down coat there the winter before last and have come pretty close to pulling the trigger on a few dresses and cardigans. The only thing stopping me is their return policy. I don’t live near a Sears, so I’d have to pay for shipping back.

    June 4, 2014/Reply
    • LeslieJeannene says:

      I have picked up a few basics from Land’s End that I love – just be weary of their sizing, I am generally a medium and I was swimming in the first few cardigans I bought.

      June 4, 2014/Reply
      • Anna says:

        Yeah, I had to return the first coat I bought. Ended up going with a petite small, could have even gone to extra small, and I’m 5’6″, 155 lbs, not a giant, but def not petite.

        June 4, 2014/Reply
    • Emilie says:

      I am a big fan of Lands End coats and dresses. They have a ponte sheath that I own in 2 colors that is the best traveling dress! I also bought a sundress from them this year, and every time I wear it, I get compliments from random people on the street. Yes please!

      June 5, 2014/Reply
  6. Laurel says:

    JNY made my college graduation-turned-constant-wedding-guest dress. Granted, I bought this seven years ago so it may have been a bit of an anomaly at the time, but it’s always left a good impression on me for the brand (even though I have yet to buy anything JNY since).

    June 4, 2014/Reply
  7. lynn says:

    I just bought several Jones of NY pieces at Dillards in Petite sizes (2 pants, 2 shirts, 2 dresses, a jacket, cardigan and skirt) I didn’t need to hem the pants and the sleeve length on their no-iron dress shirt is perfect. The waist band on the skirt doesn’t roll and isn’t elastic. And…they were all on sale! It was a win, win, win for me. Love the fit and the no ironing.

    June 4, 2014/Reply
  8. Mish says:

    I really like a lot of their dresses, but I find that their dress shirt wash HORRIBLY. Even when washed in cold and hung to dry, mine shrunk in weird places. So if you venture into their button downs I would pay for professional dry cleaning and pressing!

    June 4, 2014/Reply
  9. Brandi says:

    I tried ordering from their website a few months ago and nothing fit at all. Everything seemed oversized and even in their smallest size offerings i would have required significant alterations to take it all in. so everything went right back, it was too bad though because they did have some quite options and some well priced suiting.

    June 4, 2014/Reply
  10. Elizabeth says:

    FYI, if you are ordering from Jones New York directly join the JNY rewards program. It’s free, and offers free shipping and free returns on all orders and some extra discount codes as well. You don’t need to reveal any personal information to join.

    June 4, 2014/Reply
  11. GingerR says:

    I bought a variation on that side-ruched dress and it looks great, and can be picked up off the closet floor and worn without a single wrinkle.
    I have several of their no-iron blouses and like them pretty well. I do touch up the collars with my iron but they keep their shape and I have not had trouble with odd shrinkage. I like a blouse with body that’s fairly opaque and I find they fill that bill.

    June 4, 2014/Reply
  12. save. spend. splurge. says:

    I love that jacket you picked. I just wish that all the nice jackets I see aren’t polyester.

    I can deal with rayon and tencel, but no polyester.. !

    June 4, 2014/Reply
  13. KK says:

    Land’s End and Talbots have had some really cute things recently (JNY too)! I’d like to think they’ve just gotten hipper, but sadly, maybe it’s just me getting older.

    June 4, 2014/Reply
  14. s says:

    i love that white jacket. i actually really like jones NY, but their clothes fit me really weirdly.

    June 4, 2014/Reply
  15. V says:

    I like some of the JNY dresses Belle has posted but none of them are available in my size (at least online). Do any of you ladies who have shopped at JNY know if they make size 0 or 0P? These sizes are included in their Fit Guide online but I don’t see them offered. Thanks!

    June 4, 2014/Reply
  16. Sam says:

    Thanks for the post, Belle. It’s sometimes difficult to find decently priced plus-size work clothes, and JNY is typically my number one pick for staple items. I’ve been able to find a lot of their basic work items at Burlington Coat Factory and TJ Maxx for a good price.

    June 4, 2014/Reply
  17. kgard says:

    I sometimes venture in to JNY, but I agree with some of the ladies above that their clothes fit in a way that would require a ton of alterations. I also find the selection a bit hit-or-miss — in that some of the items seem to be of fairly good quality, while others look/feel cheap. And on many of the items I ended up buying I had to deal with post-wash issues — pilling, discoloration, shrinkage…

    I won’t say you’ll never find anything there, but it’s definitely not a store I could ever order anything online from. The fit/quality just isn’t consistent.

    June 5, 2014/Reply
  18. JL says:

    I have always wondered why Talbots was never mentioned on this site! I agree that some of the clothes CAN be matronly, but for my figure and my budget, you can’t beat their pants for work wear (aka “slacks” if you want to use the slightly geriartic term). I machine wash per the label then hang dry (personal choice). They look fabulous and last forever.

    I’m also fond of picking up Calvin Klein dresses at Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc.

    June 5, 2014/Reply