+ Three Ways

Two Ways: Striped Iris & Ink Top


Top: Iris & Ink Striped Top ($60)

From Left, Necklace: Zara Crystal Bead Necklace ($36) // Belt: Coccinelle Belt ($49) // Bag: Minkoff Cupid Bag ($495) // Shoes: Aldo Zipfel Pump ($78) // Shirt: J.Crew Boy Shirt ($78) // Pants: Erika Cavallini Trousers ($177)

From Right, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Square Aviator ($160) // Scarf: Botticca Lakshmi Scarf ($76) // Ring: Sticks & Stones Dome Ring ($32) // Bag: BR Presidio Hobo ($99) // Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylor ($50) // Jacket: Coach Motorcycle Jacket ($798) // Jeans: Citizen Avedon Jeans ($168)

For Casual Monday. I’ve received a number of e-mails from readers, who in an effort to stay warm this winter, would like more ideas for how to wear pants.  This outfit combines the ease of a striped shirt with a pair of fashion-conscious colored trousers.  I chose teal because I wanted the colors to come from the same family.  However, if you would like a different look, I would suggest burgundy, red or yellow.

Also, if you work in a casual office, this is an outfit that you could wear with colored denim.  I think it would look best with coral or mint jeans for spring.

As for the shirt, I chose a pale blue cotton button-up as an alternative to a more casual chambray shirt.  It feels a bit more grown-up to me.  You could also choose a printed shirt like this Modcloth navy shirt printed with bows or this plus-size Jones New York blouse in a navy and ivory print.

The accessories I chose start with a gray belt to be worn over the shirts at the natural waist.  I’d recommend styling it with a knotted or tied look.  I then added the Zara necklace Kate Middleton wore to a recent event, it’s back in stock after selling out.  I mean for it to be worn under the collar after the shirt is buttoned up.  I also like this less sparkly “party chain” necklace or this Janis Savitt necklace with teal stones.

Lastly, I chose a plum-colored bag to bring some more color into the mix.  For a less expensive bag, try this Pour la Victoire satchel with a vintage feel or this $65 Jessica Simpson satchel.

For the makeup, I would wear a pale purple eyeshadow (something ashy) and a berry-colored lip stain or gloss.  For the hair, I would wear it up in a soft, casual updo.

For the Weekend.  This leather jacket is phenomenal, but the price is equally eye-popping.  For just over-$100, I’d have a look at this Calvin Klein jacket.  I also like this cognac quilted mot0-jacket from Express.  Plus-size? Try this Michael Kors hooded jacket.  Petite? Try this tan Bernardo jacket.

I decided to add orange accents to this outfit in honor of my Broncos making it to the Super Bowl.  I chose a cream printed scarf with tones of navy and orange.  If you prefer something brighter, try this under-$25 Tasha scarf that comes in all the color of the rainbow.

As for accessories, I chose a dome ring to make a simple statement.  If this one isn’t suiting your fancy, how about this gold and tortoise Michael Kors ring or this under-$5 set of pyramid stack rings?

I thought a brown bag would look to matchy, so I selected this orange one from Banana Republic.  And for the shoes, I wanted a more casual alternative to ballet flats, so these Chuck Taylors were the perfect selection.  If you want something with laces, but aren’t crazy about these shoes, try a pair of Keds.

For the hair, I would wear it down, but you could also wear it in a bouncy ponytail.  For the makeup, I would choose a taupe eye shadow and a rose-colored blush.  If you want more pop, try painting your nails orange.



  1. A says:

    FYI- the Zara necklace is out of stock already

    January 21, 2014/Reply
  2. Rachel Atwell says:

    I love the look of layering a shirt over a button up but find it always looks messy. Any tips on making it smooth?

    January 21, 2014/Reply
    • SC says:

      Wait, you’re supposed to put that tshirt over the button up? I would think that would look sort of crazy bulky, and then a belt AND a necklace over it? I would need to see this on a real person.

      January 21, 2014/Reply
      • Belle says:

        The bulk depends on how well-tailored the pieces are. This look is similar. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/89086898852917500/

        I thought about just doing the necklace, but it didn’t look quite finished when I saw it all together. To prevent it from being too much, I chose really skinny belt.

        January 21, 2014/Reply
    • Anna Belle says:

      Franziska from Franish has the best solution for that: layer a fitted tank between the shirts. It helps smooth out the buttons and such from the button up so that the tee could hang smoothly. Also in this weather, the extra layer would be nice!

      January 21, 2014/Reply
    • Caroline says:

      Hmm, I’m going to try it, but I can see it not working as well. It seems like you’d need more of a v neck on the striped shirt for it to not look weird. Could be really cute if it works, though. I hardly ever wear my striped shirt because it doesn’t feel like a legitimate outfit on its own with pants or a skirt.

      January 22, 2014/Reply
  3. SLG says:

    Similar question to Rachel’s — do you have any pins showing this shirt + button-up + belt look done well? You mentioned that this particular striped T is a boxy fit, but it seems like the belt would work best with more fitted shirt. Am I wrong on that?

    (Obvs the shirt could be taken in if needed, just trying to picture how to make this look work.)

    January 21, 2014/Reply
  4. preg anon says:

    Do you like the look of Converse with skinny jeans? For some reason I’m never confident in that look. I’m not exactly sure why, but I think it may be that it makes my feet look big. I’d feel better if I knew people like the look. 🙂

    January 21, 2014/Reply
    • Giggling Gourmand says:

      I think it’s cute. I know the feeling though. When skinny jeans were first a thing I thought no matter what shows I wore my feet looked huge, and I’m a size 6!

      January 21, 2014/Reply
    • Addison says:

      I like the look on other people but I too think converse make my feet look big. I’m an 8.5/9

      January 21, 2014/Reply
  5. Giggling Gourmand says:


    January 21, 2014/Reply
  6. Jordan Valdes says:

    Zara so.d out already!

    January 21, 2014/Reply