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10th Commandment: A Creative Office


Sleek Faux Suede Booties ($37)

Since I started this blog five years ago, I’ve met a number of public relations, media and graphic design professionals who work in offices that have “creative” dress codes.  Having worked in a “professional” offices for the majority of my career, I did some informal polling and discovered that a creative wardrobe is heavily dependent on wearing fashion-forward shoes.

To that end, I thought we’d try these slightly adventurous (at least, for me) boots from Forever 21.  They’re a knock-off of these $500 Rag & Bone boots, but the buckles remind of those gorgeous, strappy heels from Joe’s that were on the blog last week.  Also, that small open notch at the top of the boot should prevent the chunky calf that most ankle boots create by cutting off the line of the leg in an awkward place.

Other ankle boots that caught my eye include these Elastic Ankle Boots from Zara and these split-front Halogen booties.  But if the look of an ankle boot leaves you chillier than a talus bone exposed to the January chill, there is another “creative” shoe to consider: the ankle strap heel.

Sure, we could go for a basic black ankle strap heel, like these Luichiny Imi Suede heels, but let’s reach a bit further, shall we?  I adore these Chinese Laundry Celestial pumps in a two-tone neutral mix.  And if you like your heels a bit north of 4″, these LAMB pumps with a double ankle trap and sliver platform are great in navy or black.



  1. DB says:

    Looking forward to your two ways for these boots because I like the Forever 21 ones better than any other boot I’ve seen, but am still lost on how to wear them…with black tights and a dress?

    Also, I wish people would stop calling them booties. Ugh.

    October 3, 2013/Reply
  2. B says:

    Thanks for the creative posts, Belle!

    I recently transitioned from a legislative job (professional during session, 100% casual during recess) to owning a full time creative business and doing marketing. I’ve found mostly that dresses are a yes, always; pencil skirts are really a no, no no, and – you nailed it – the shoes should always be fresh. It’s been a complete rebuilding experience as I can’t wear the professional clothes or the casual ones.

    October 3, 2013/Reply
  3. Stephanie says:

    DV by Dolce Vita makes some ankle boots just like that– I think it’s called Jaxen. I just ordered them in taupe but they’re not here yet so I can’t comment on them. They are real leather/suede though, and they have a side zip which should be nice.

    October 3, 2013/Reply
    • Michelle says:

      Java! They’re here if you’re interested in something mid-range https://www.zappos.com/dv-by-dolce-vita-java-natural

      October 3, 2013/Reply
    • Michelle says:

      Looks like Jaxen is a thing too, they’re fairly similar: https://www.zappos.com/dv-by-dolce-vita-jaxen-taupe

      October 3, 2013/Reply
      • Stephanie says:

        Jaxen has the zipper– that’s the difference. It was appealing to me because some reviewers said the pull on version was hard to put on.

        October 3, 2013/Reply
        • Aunt_Pete says:

          I own the Java ones. They are wonderful, I love them. I don’t find them particularly hard to pull on personal

          October 3, 2013/Reply
  4. Jessica @ j is for jessica says:

    I wish I worked in a creative office! Sometimes I feel like corporate america sucks out my creative soul! Thankfully blogging has helped to fill that gap!

    October 3, 2013/Reply