BPGP: Sephora 3-in-1 Sharpener


Sephora Collection 3-in-1 Sharpener ($10)

I like a sharp, precise line for my eyeliner.  I like when the liner wings out subtly at the ends, adding a hint of shape and sass without saying, “Hey, look who’s wearing eyeliner?” like a flashing neon sign.  These things are only possibly if your liner maintains its sharp, chiseled tip.

So when both my Bobbi Gel Pencil Eyeliner and my Sumita Eyeliner started getting squishy at the ends, I thought I needed to replace my eyeliner.  But what I really needed to replace was my $4 sharpener.

With three quick turns, the $24 Bobbi eyeliner that was giving me a jagged, too thick line was saved from the trash by a $10 sharpener.  As was my highlighting stick, my NARS Satin lip pencil, and my new Lord & Berry Magic Brow Pencil is back to giving the feather-fine strokes that I need.

All hail, the power of a good sharpener.  Who knew?



  1. Joules says:

    Nice! I still use a crappy pencil sharpener that I got free with an eyeliner pencil once.

    Actually, my favorite trick for liner is just to use dark eyeshadow and put it on with a liner brush. I feel like it’s less harsh that way, and it’s a super forgiving method if you’ve got shaky hands (which I do).

    Style by Joules

    August 28, 2013/Reply
    • N says:

      Yes! I far prefer using powder shadow with an angled brush.

      August 28, 2013/Reply
  2. Jessi says:

    I love the Sumita eyeliners!

    August 29, 2013/Reply