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Ask Belle: The Mark of Love

Dear Belle,

This is embarrassing, but do you have any ideas on how to cover up neck/chest hickeys in the summer? I’ve been wearing flowy scarves for the past two days in 90-degree heat and I think my coworkers are getting suspicious. And yes, I’ve tried covering them with makeup, but to no avail.

–Anonymous Mauling Victim

When covering a hickey with makeup, you need to treat it like you’re covering a bruise.  So your regular concealer probably won’t get the job done.  Instead, try a thick yellow-based concealer like Dermablend, or this under-eye concealer from Jane Iredale.  The yellow tones will spot correct the blue colors in the bruise.  Then, blend with a bit of your normal foundation and cover with translucent powder to set it.

I also find that using a flat brush to apply and then blending it with your fingertips.

Other than that, scarves are a good idea.  And while you may think your co-workers are getting suspicious, it’s probably in your head.  People aren’t as observant as we think.

But even if they do question you, tell them it’s chilly in the air conditioning and you wanted to add another layer.  Just make sure you’re wearing a light linen scarf and not some heavy wool number (unless it’s winter).  That just looks suspicious, or like you’re a fashion victim.



  1. anona says:

    I second Dermablend. You can get a sample set from What She Buys for $7.50* to find out what color or colors if you need to blend them will look invisible on your skin.

    I use it to cover some very dark scars on my legs and while it took a while to find the right color and get the application down, it was totally worth it. I found that pouncing is better than wiping. I use a q-tip and dab it on, dab and blend with my finger and I can get a pretty much flawless cover. There is also a powder to set it.

    This stuff stays put extremely well, too. I mean it won’t shower completely off unless you wash it off with soap and water.

    And one last thought: even thought I separately bought the Bill Nye Tattoo Cover Kit to cover my tattoo, I am happier with the Dermablend.

    (*My scars are so small that the sample will last me for a very, very long time.)

    June 3, 2013/Reply
    • admo says:

      @anonar — LOL, I think that’s Ben Nye for the Tattoo kit.

      I Googled it because I thought that was the weirdest Bill Nye the Science Guy spinoff I’ve ever heard of!

      June 3, 2013/Reply
  2. GoGoGo says:

    Tee hee, hickeys. 🙂

    June 3, 2013/Reply
  3. Becca says:

    Depending where exactly on your neck you were “mauled” A popped collar could help as well…

    Granted the last time I had to use a popped collar to help camouflage was six years ago (circa. first college boyfriend) and popped collars were a bit more popular

    June 3, 2013/Reply
  4. LadyMacbeth says:

    You could also try blouses with ruffled necks,stand up collars, and pussybow blouses. Those are all in style right now.

    June 3, 2013/Reply
  5. Mo says:

    Just say they are from Crossfit. I was notified by a friend when I was out last weekend that my bruises from weightlifting (due resting the bar on my shoulders/collarbone) looked like hickeys.

    June 3, 2013/Reply
  6. JeVais says:

    Rubbing the hickeys with the back of a spoon will get the blood circulating in the area and help them heal faster.

    June 3, 2013/Reply
    • Gorgeoise says:

      A cold spoon in particular. Boxers do this all the time. Stick a spoon in the fridge, for about an hour. Take it out and gently rub the hickey until it dissipates. No need to spend two days looking ridiculous.

      June 4, 2013/Reply
  7. Spiritmom says:

    Who, past those junior high age, gets a hickey?

    June 5, 2013/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I’m not going to judge her. It happens. I appreciate that she tried to hide them. Some women don’t even bother.

      June 5, 2013/Reply
  8. cara says:

    No, seriously… HOW does this happen? I have never, as an adult, had this issue. And even when I DID have this issue a few times I was under 16 and it took a concerted effort… it happened on purpose because 16 year olds are stupid and we wanted it to happen. Hickeys don’t just “happen”- or maybe Im doing it (it= making out/hooking up)wrong? Im not judging HER- I just do not get it.

    June 6, 2013/Reply