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10th Commandment: February 12

Katharine Plains Tie Neck Top ($98)

This blouse would look great worn on its own or under or cardigan or a jacket.  The sleeveless style means that, during the warmer weather, you can remove your outer layer without completely disrobing.

Liking the sleeveless blouse?  This mauve Kate Spade blouse is lovely.  I also love this sleeveless placket blouse from Vince in a bold yellow-green.  And this DvF blouse with a wide, twisted strap is chic.

Need something less expensive?  This soft blue tie neck is similar to the navy one at half the price.  This fun, bright raspberry-colored top is a good option.  This sunny yellow top is also cute.  

Plus size?  This black and white tie neck top is on trend.  This citron blouse has a fashionable high neck.  This bright pink split neck top is versatile enough to wear to work or in your off time.

Check back at 1:00PM for Two Ways to wear this blouse.



  1. R says:

    Super options! Thanks.

    February 12, 2013/Reply
  2. AJ says:

    I really love this blouse as well as many of the other feminine staples that you feature on your blog, but I have a real problem: I can't wear polyester. The material makes me sweat like crazy and leaves me feeling generally yucky (and TMI: stinky). Yet, no matter the price point all of these flowy beautiful blouses are 50-100% polyester. I need some options that don't require me to have a wardrobe full of silk blouses (the dry cleaning bill is atrocious). Do you have any idea where I can buy good tops that are made with quality blend fabrics (I can tolerate rayon and vicose much better than poly)?
    Thank you!!

    February 12, 2013/Reply
  3. T says:

    AJ, I have many silk blouses that I wash in my sink with mild shampoo.. it's perfect! I can think of only one case where the blouse slightly shrunk. You may want to purchase less expensive silk blouses to start and, as you get more comfortable washing them in this way, graduate to more expensive ones. I hate drycleaning not only because of the price, but because of the chemicals, and hand-washing has proven to be a great solution to both!

    February 12, 2013/Reply