Giveaway: Stella & Dot Bahari Necklace [CLOSED]

Feb 5, 2013


Stella & Dot Bahari Necklace ($98)

We haven’t had a giveaway in awhile, so I thought it I would give away something fabulous.  How does this navy and gold necklace from Stella & Dot strike you?

This weighty, statement piece could bring glitz to a white button up or add color to a basic sheath dress.  It won’t take long before you’re wearing it with everything.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post with the name of the city or town where you live.  It’ll be an easy way to enter, and show how far from Capitol Hill my style has spread.  And as always don’t forget to sign in with your email address so I can contact you, though you’ll probably be so excited that you’ll contact me first.  I’ll announce the winner next Tuesday.  Good luck!

Want to buy something similar for under-$25?  This teardrop one comes in basics like black and cool shades like mint.  This one from Dorothy Perkins has a cool geometric pattern.  And this multi-standard necklace with a mix of floral motifs and pastel stones is pretty too.

As with most of my giveaways, I bought and paid for this necklace myself without any promotional consideration from Stella & Dot.


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  1. Lyndsay says:


  2. E says:

    Stamford, CT

  3. Well this is gorgeous! Chicago, IL πŸ™‚

  4. LT says:

    Washington, DC. Great necklace!

  5. KW says:

    Champaign, IL

  6. Tara says:

    Right now I am following from Jackson Hole, WY!

  7. Ashley says:

    Urbana, Illinois

  8. Hailey says:

    San Francisco!

  9. Anita says:

    St Peteraburg, FL! I started reading your blog when I was still working as a LA at an association in old town Alexandria πŸ™‚

  10. Lexi says:

    San Jose, CA!

  11. Michelle says:

    I am another Belle addict! Thank you Belle for the fabulous daily distraction. Bankers love you too. πŸ™‚
    Charlotte, North Carolina

  12. Ellen says:

    Fairfax, VA Not too far

  13. Christy says:

    I've been wearing lots of navy lately and this would be a great addition!
    Arlington, VA

  14. Bgirl says:

    Boston, MA

    (started reading when I was in Mountain View, CA)

  15. Emily! says:

    Providence, RI πŸ™‚ Gorgeous necklace!

  16. alicia says:

    Manasquan, NJ

  17. Olivia says:

    Gainesville, GA

  18. Remy says:

    Right here Washington DC!

  19. Leah says:

    Lexington, KY

  20. Jessica says:

    Alexandria, VA but started in Fredericksburg, VA

  21. Ally Faso says:

    Champaign, Illinois!

  22. Elizabeth says:


  23. Margaret says:

    arlington, va

  24. CAM says:

    Washington DC! Thanks Belle.

  25. CT says:

    Boston MA! Gorgeous necklace!

  26. Katie says:

    Washington, DC!

  27. Amy says:

    Nashville, TN

    Love the blog!

  28. CCW says:

    Pittsburgh, PA. Beautiful!!

  29. Jenna says:

    this is lovely! although, I probably won't show how far your blog has spread–I'm in DC. πŸ™‚

  30. Carrie says:

    Another Washington, DC for you.

  31. p says:

    Fairfax, VA

  32. ella says:

    New York, NY. Love the necklace

  33. jay says:

    Williston, VT

  34. JES says:

    Raleigh, NC!

  35. R says:

    This is beautiful!

    Toronto, Ontario! (Canada)

  36. Christie says:

    San Jose, CA!!!

  37. KC says:

    Birmingham, AL

    Love the blog, Belle!

  38. Lynn says:

    Gaithersburg, MD (and work in Washington, D.C., of course!)

  39. Katie* says:

    Wow! Beautiful! Minneapolis, MN πŸ™‚

  40. Leigh says:

    Rialto, CA

  41. Anne says:

    Arlington, VA

  42. Anon says:

    Lexington, VA

  43. KP says:

    Spartanburg, SC

  44. PSP says:

    I saw this necklace at a recent jewelry party and loved it!

    New York, NY

  45. Amy W. says:

    So pretty!

    Started following you while living in Washington, DC, but now in Richmond, VA!

  46. Jennifer says:

    Washington, Dc; but I started reading when I was still in New Mexico

  47. Victoria says:

    Another Minneapolis, MN here!

  48. Paige says:

    Springfield, VA – look forward to your posts every day!

  49. terri says:

    Butte, Montana!

  50. Molly says:


  51. SP says:

    Not far now (Arlington, VA), but I'm getting ready to move back home to Lawrence, KS this summer and still plan on reading from there.

  52. Jessica says:

    San Francisco!

  53. Jan says:

    Chicago, IL

  54. joy says:

    The link takes me to Nine West…can you fix it please?

    Jersey City, NJ. Formerly DC.

  55. Anon says:

    Frederick, MD

  56. K says:

    Newport Beach, CA. Hello from the West Coast!

  57. Bex says:

    DC. But I started reading in Milwaukee and then Detroit before landing here.

  58. Jen R says:

    washington, dc. i <3 stella & dot!!

  59. Alexis says:

    Incredible necklace! Seattle, WA

  60. Lauren says:

    Tampa, FL

  61. Shawn says:

    Jackson, WY

  62. Mary says:

    Gorgeous! Just outside of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois

  63. Susan says:

    Nashville, TN!

    Loved your blog when I lived in DC, and still love it now that I'm back down South!

  64. Elizabeth says:

    Another Washingtonian!

  65. Melanie says:

    This necklace is beautiful!

    Philadelphia, PA

  66. Maria says:

    Suffolk, VA πŸ™‚

  67. Emilie says:

    I started reading while I was in Washington, D.C. Took it with me to Ann Arbor for 2 years, and now I am back πŸ™‚

  68. D says:

    Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

  69. zane says:

    Brooklyn, NY! Though I was in DC in the not-so-distant past.

  70. Whitney says:

    Atlanta, GA

  71. Tory says:

    Washington, D.C.!

    Love the necklace (and the blog, of course!)

  72. A says:

    Annapolis, MD!

  73. Rachel says:

    Schaumburg, IL

  74. erika says:

    Boston (though former DC-ite) here!

  75. LR says:

    Washington, DC!

  76. Elise says:

    Washington, DC. Love the necklace!

  77. Kelly says:

    Just moved to Washington DC, but loved you all the way from Naples, FL

  78. Lyndsi S says:

    Santa Rosa Beach, FL

  79. LB says:

    Washington, DC!

  80. Sarah R. says:

    Washington, DC

  81. Ashley says:

    Wilmington, NC

  82. N says:

    Arlington, VA

  83. AZ says:

    AZ from Washington, DC! Love your blog.

  84. IM says:

    Arlington, but have turned my friends from all over on to your blog πŸ™‚

  85. Chelsea says:

    St. Louis, Missouri

  86. KatG says:

    Tulsa, OK

  87. Alli says:

    Love this necklace and the off-center gold accent.

  88. KL says:

    Washington, D.C, but I started reading when I was in Richmond, VA!

  89. L says:

    Washington, DC!

  90. Aria says:

    Washington, DC

  91. Meghan says:

    Buffalo, NY!

  92. E says:

    Washington, D.C. Thanks!

  93. Emily says:

    South Bend, IN!

  94. Allison Andresen says:

    I've had my eye on this necklace for a while!!!! Please please!

  95. Sara says:

    Arlington, VA

  96. Liz says:

    Washington, DC as well!

  97. Dianne says:

    Atlanta, GA

  98. Rachel says:

    Washington, DC!

  99. B says:

    Arlington, VA

  100. Cora says:

    Virginia Beach, VA! I started following you when I lived in DC

  101. Amelia says:

    Found your blog while I lived in Virginia then kept it with me when I moved to San Mateo, California! Love that necklace!

  102. Tiffany says:

    Love this- great statement piece!

    Arlington, VA

  103. Erika says:

    Washington, DC

    Great choice – I love Stella & Dot!

  104. Lauren J says:

    Boston, Massachusetts. That necklace is fabulous – thank you for hosting!

  105. amelie wang says:

    New York NY πŸ™‚

  106. Kim says:

    Falls Church

  107. LC says:

    Aspen, Colorado.

  108. Aimee says:

    Also Washington, DC!

  109. Nancy says:

    Washington, DC

  110. Amanda says:

    Washington, D.C.!

  111. dancinglonghorn says:

    Seattle WA

  112. KC says:

    Overland Park, KS

  113. Molly says:


  114. EK says:

    Washington, DC!

  115. Em says:

    Arlington, VA πŸ™‚

  116. Hanan says:

    Virginia Beach, VA

  117. CTM says:

    Alexandria, VA!

  118. lindsayvon says:

    Denver, CO

  119. Sarah L says:

    Singapore, Singapore! (But on the off chance that my number gets picked, the necklace can be sent to my husband in Boston, MA)

  120. B says:

    Arlington, VA but originally from New York, NY.

  121. Shannon says:

    Another Washington, DC…

  122. Alissa K says:

    Love your blog and this necklace! Albany, NY!

  123. Megan A says:

    Arlington, VA, but I started reading your blog in St. Petersburg, FL πŸ™‚

  124. KB says:

    Philadelphia, PA

  125. Ashley says:

    Spotsylvania VA!

  126. JB says:

    Washington, DC

  127. Brittnie says:

    Tallahassee, Florida
    Love the necklace!!

  128. Sally says:

    Another local… Washington, DC.

  129. Katie G says:

    Another DC here!

  130. Jess says:

    DC! (Glover Park)

  131. balmoralgirl says:

    I read your blog almost every day Belle – all the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada).

  132. Leslie says:

    Alexandria, VA. Love this!

  133. Rachel G. says:

    New York, NY

    Thanks Belle!

  134. aec says:

    Washington, DC

  135. CH says:

    I live in NW DC!

  136. SA says:

    Washington, DC

  137. Brenna says:

    West Des Moines, IA… thank you!!

  138. Elise says:

    Battle Creek, Michigan (but started reading when I lived in DC)

  139. M says:

    Good 'ol Washington, DC. Thanks Belle!

  140. Amy says:

    Arlington, VA

  141. KT says:

    Arlington, VA

  142. Meg says:

    Boston, MA but from Falls Church, VA originally!

  143. Courtney says:

    Arlington resident here!!

  144. Sarah says:

    Staten Island, New York

  145. Nat says:

    Love it! Silver Spring, MD!

  146. Martha says:

    Boston, MA- love that necklace (and your blog!)

  147. Aubrey says:

    Arlington, VA

  148. eduncan says:

    Thanks, Belle! Chicago, IL!

  149. Phoebe says:

    Arlington, VA!

  150. Megan says:

    Washington, DC

  151. Erica says:

    Washington, DC!

  152. Amanda says:

    Love this necklace! I'm in Springfield, VA but started reading when I was in Birmingham, AL. Your blog is amazing, thanks!

  153. Kelley says:

    I've had my eye on this necklace … here's hoping

  154. Beth S says:

    Washington DC!

  155. Julie says:

    Washington, DC!

  156. Libbi R. says:

    Columbus, Ohio! (But I found CHS when I was in college at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA)

  157. Mallory says:

    Washington, D.C. (Mt. Pleasant)!

  158. Noelle says:

    Washington, DC- but have been a reader from Glenview, IL πŸ™‚

  159. Sheryl says:

    Beautiful! Tallahassee, Florida

  160. KSO says:

    Windy City(Chicago), IL!

  161. Maggie says:

    Washington, DC (although I did read you when I lived in Wisconsin too!)

  162. Rachel says:

    New York, NY

  163. ELH says:

    Washington, DC!

  164. AC says:

    I love this! I'm in DC!

  165. Lindsey says:

    Tuscaloosa, Alabama-but started reading while in DC!

  166. Yellowrose says:

    HOW AM I THE FIRST TEXAN (HOUSTON)?????? Love this blog, Belle!

  167. Virginia says:

    Washington, DC!

  168. Rebeccah says:

    I'm in NYC!

  169. EJ says:

    Fort Lee, New Jersey!

  170. Val says:

    Gorgeous! I'm in New York, NY

  171. Erinn says:

    New York, NY!

  172. Amber says:

    Washington, DC.

  173. Michelle says:

    Thanks for doing a give away, Belle!

    Washington, D.C.

  174. Ecka says:

    Chicago, Illinois

  175. Christina says:

    Falls Church, VA

  176. Sarah says:

    Mclean, VA

  177. helixy says:

    Pittsburgh, PA – although I hail from about fifty miles south of DC (Fredericksburg, VA)

  178. Sierra says:

    Arlington, VA- but I'm originally from California and I started reading your blog out there!

  179. JensaDZ says:

    Love that necklace!

    I'm in DC – Eastern Market.

  180. Elle says:

    Lincoln, NE

  181. Amber B. says:

    Washington, DC πŸ™‚

  182. Anna says:

    Washington, DC

  183. KColleen says:

    D.C.! πŸ™‚

  184. AM says:

    Washington, DC. Great necklace!

  185. J.D. says:

    Houston, Texas (though I started reading when I was in Chattanooga, TN)

  186. Christina says:

    Washington, DC. Absolutely stunning piece!

  187. Lisa E says:

    Los Angeles, CA!!

  188. EmZ says:

    Started reading while living in DC, have since moved to Williamsburg, VA. Awesome necklace!

  189. Jamie says:

    Toronto, Canada!

  190. CER says:

    New York, NY

  191. Kristina says:

    Raleigh, NC

  192. Denise B says:

    I'm in Washington, DC, although I've spead my love your blog to friends in Nebraska and Colorado as well!

  193. Abby says:

    Beautiful neclace! I love the blog. It has been so helpful to me as I've started work as a first year lawyer this year.

    Chapel Hill, NC

  194. Amanda says:

    Alexandria, VA πŸ™‚

    This is an amazing necklace!

  195. AC says:

    I LOVE this necklace. I'm a D.C. hopeful currently living in San Jose, California. πŸ™‚

  196. L says:

    Lexington, KY!

  197. Meredith says:

    Chicago, IL — Gorgeous, Belle!

  198. Shelby says:

    In the words of Rachel, “I die” – fabulous! Charleston, SC

  199. Kate says:

    Washington, DC.

  200. HB says:

    Washington, DC – but I've been following CHS since I lived in Portland, OR!

  201. CMB says:

    Washington DC!

  202. Cinthya says:

    Cambridge, Massachusetts

  203. Ashley says:

    York, PA

  204. Brittany says:

    Washington, DC

  205. Emalie says:

    I started following in Atchison, KS when I found out I was moving to DC and now check in daily from Rockville, MD!

    Love the necklace!

  206. Rebecca says:

    Washington DC!

  207. S. says:

    Toledo, OH

  208. Lisa says:

    Austin, TX

  209. Kelsey S says:

    Arlington, VA

  210. gigi says:

    New York, New York

  211. Caroline P says:

    St. Louis, Missouri

  212. Sharona says:

    Santa Monica, CA (via Washington, DC)!

  213. Amanda says:

    Springfield, Missouri…desperately trying to escape (to Washington, D.C.)!

  214. Nancy M says:

    Washington DC!

  215. Melody says:

    Columbus, OH!

  216. Randall says:

    New York, NY

  217. Betsy says:

    New York City!

  218. Kate Black says:

    Washington, DC

  219. liana says:

    Blacksburg, Virginia!

  220. APW says:

    Arlington, VA….but originally from Greeley, Colorado.

  221. Joanne says:

    Washington, DC

  222. JK says:

    Raleigh, NC

  223. Lauren says:

    Midwest reader – Chicago!

  224. Sally says:

    New York, NY. Beautiful necklace!

  225. S says:

    Ann Arbor, Michigan. You're a top blogger among the ladies at my office!

  226. Emma says:

    Denver, CO!

  227. jenna says:

    boston, ma. love, love your blog.

  228. Kath says:

    Washington, DC

  229. WZ says:

    Washington, DC!

  230. Casey says:

    Philadelphia, PA!

  231. Rose says:

    Washington DC

  232. Whitney says:

    Washington, DC

  233. Kacy says:

    Washington DC as well, but I also read before I moved here from Oklahoma City.

  234. Lauren says:

    Lawrence, Kansas!

  235. KO says:

    Washington DC (by way of Seattle)

  236. melissa says:

    Nashville, TN (by way of DC for 2 years!)

  237. Laura says:

    Ann Arbor, MI

  238. Katie S. says:

    Love this blog so much – Cincinnati, OH!

  239. Brittany says:

    I live on Capitol Hill, NE, Washington, DC! But, I'm a transplant from Florida!

  240. Liz says:

    Charlotte, NC

    Thanks Belle!

  241. ER says:

    Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

  242. Emily says:

    Albuquerque, NM!

  243. Kristin says:

    Oxford, MS!

  244. m says:

    Washington, DC

  245. R says:

    Washington, DC!

  246. K says:

    Occoquan, VA

  247. Sarah says:

    The City of Brotherly Love…Philadelphia!

  248. Kristen says:

    McLean, Virginia!

  249. AmyW says:

    Lovely! Jay, Maine

  250. Sarah V. says:

    Capitol Hill, Washington, DC. Love the blog.

  251. LB says:

    Washington, DC – it's beautiful!

  252. MC says:

    Arlington, VA–but started reading in Tuscaloosa, AL 3 years ago.

  253. Rachel says:

    Las Vegas, Nevada!

  254. Vinutha says:

    Portland, OR!

  255. AmyJo says:

    Houston, TX!

  256. KEK says:

    Dallas, TX

  257. Johanna says:

    Beaumont, TX!

  258. lisa says:

    Arlington, VA

  259. AShah says:

    Beautiful Old Town, VA. πŸ™‚

  260. Lisa says:

    Reading, PA

  261. DB says:

    Alexandria, VA

  262. Amalia says:

    Totally in love with this – temporary transplant (in DC) from Tucson, AZ!

  263. BrklynChk says:

    Brooklyn NY. Keep up the great work! I appreciate your thorough and thoughtful posts!

  264. LWJ says:

    Dallas, Texas.
    Love your blog so much. And the necklace is beautiful!

  265. Karly says:

    Sioux Falls, SD!

  266. Diana says:

    Pretty! Binghamton, NY

  267. Rachel says:

    Madison, WI

  268. Hawkeye Girl says:

    Iowa City, Iowa!

  269. AJ says:

    Washington, DC.

    Beautiful piece. Thanks!!

  270. LCP says:

    Washington, DC

  271. Ann says:

    Sometimes La Plata MD, sometimes Oklahoma City OK

  272. Jessica says:

    South Bend, Indiana

  273. Shannon says:

    Washington, DC

  274. Megan A. says:

    Milwaukee, WI

  275. Katie says:

    Currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark, but I go to school in DC and that's where I first heard about your blog!

  276. KAC says:

    Washington, DC – gorgeous necklace!

  277. Kathryn H. says:


  278. MH says:

    Fairfax, VA

  279. Meredith says:

    Love this!

    Arlington, VA – formerly Hilliard, OH

  280. Tori says:

    Washington, DC!

  281. Rachel says:

    Omaha, Nebraska

  282. BA says:

    Los Alamitos, CA

  283. Victoria says:

    Arlington, VA…although I started following you when I lived in Knoxville, TN.

  284. Katie says:

    Lexington, KY

    love this blog!

  285. M says:

    Started following you after I left DC for NYC!

  286. MidWestChic says:

    That is gorgeous!

    Kansas City, Missouri

  287. Laura says:

    Pilesgrove, New Jersey

  288. Sam says:

    Arlington, VA!

  289. KO says:

    New York City! Love your blog πŸ™‚

  290. Kelly says:

    Colorado Springs, CO

  291. Leigh says:

    Lexington, Kentucky!

  292. Kasey says:

    Arlington, VA

  293. RT says:

    Washington, DC!!! Love this necklace!

  294. Catherine says:

    Atlanta, GA!

  295. Meg says:

    Washington, DC but I started reading as an intern from upstate NY!

  296. Whitney says:

    Tallahassee, FL

  297. lhh says:

    Started following the blog when I lived in DC but I am now in Fort Worth.

  298. Katy says:

    Sweet Home Chicago, IL!

  299. Amanda says:

    Santa Barbara, CA
    I LOVE this necklace, thanks for the giveaway!

  300. lhh says:

    Started following the blog when I lived in DC but I am now in Fort Worth.

  301. Katie says:

    Dallas, Texas

  302. Allison says:

    Washington DC, but I started reading in Lawrence, KS.

  303. Lauren says:

    Thanks, Belle! Huge fan of your blog and this necklace!

    New York, NY

  304. Mary says:

    Arlington, VA!

  305. Ilovethis88 says:

    Walnut Creek, CA. I love this necklace!

  306. Catherine says:

    Toronto, Ontario in Canada!

    Love this necklace!

  307. Elle002 says:

    Add me to the ranks of the Minneapolis, MN readers!

  308. Summer says:

    Another Boston, MA!

  309. Lady Lawyer says:

    Lovely! Washington, DC.

  310. MM says:

    Another reader in Birmingham, AL!

    Thank you for all of the time you put into this blog!

  311. Holly says:

    Dallas but started reading in Nashville!

  312. Elizabeth says:

    Capitol Hill – Washington, DC

  313. Natalie says:

    Tallahassee, FL

  314. KT says:

    Iowa City, IA.

  315. M. says:

    New York, NY!

  316. Amy T says:

    Edinburgh, Scotland.

    It makes some of the stuff you feature a little inaccessible, but your blog is by far by favourite fashion blog.

  317. Jessica says:

    Washington DC!

  318. ww says:

    Upper Northwest DC

  319. SS says:

    Arlington VA, but started reading in NYC

  320. Linda B says:

    Los Angeles, California.

  321. J.E. says:

    New Orleans!

  322. Joie says:

    Washington, DC

  323. Leah says:

    Washington DC– love the necklace!

  324. Danielle I. says:

    This necklace is adorable! I love it.

    Sparta, NJ

  325. Amanda says:

    Takoma Park, MD— thank you!!

  326. CBK says:

    Fresno, CA

  327. CynthiaW says:

    Houston, Texas

  328. anon in tejas says:

    lovely necklace!

    houston, tejas

  329. jWm says:

    Arlington, VA

  330. Jessica says:

    Love your blog!
    Seattle, Washington (the west coast one)

  331. KRF says:

    Silver Spring, Maryland

  332. SQC says:

    Washington, DC

  333. GoGoGo says:

    Washington DC baby!

  334. AWM says:

    Washington DC!

  335. Shauna says:

    Love this necklace! Long Beach, CA!

  336. Meredith says:

    Love the blog and the necklace – all the way from Detroit!

  337. Emily says:

    Greenville, MS! I started following though when I was in East Lansing, MI

  338. Heather says:

    Arlington, VA


  339. JEB says:

    Arlington, VA

  340. S says:

    Springfield, VA

  341. Amy says:

    Los Angeles, CA

  342. LC says:

    Baltimore, MD πŸ™‚

  343. HJ says:

    Boston, MA!

  344. Erin says:

    Washington, DC

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  345. pam says:

    san diego, ca πŸ™‚

  346. Samantha says:

    Washington, DC

  347. KA says:

    Falls Church, VA

  348. JB says:

    Bethesda, MD but I started reading your blog while living in Indiana. Thanks Belle!

  349. JP says:

    Beautiful necklace. Not surprised though since I love your style!
    ~Washington, DC

  350. Ashley says:

    Washington, DC

    Lovely and classic!

  351. R says:

    Minneapolis, MN (suburbs actually)!

  352. Go Big Red says:

    Loves it! Lincoln, Nebraska

  353. meg says:

    Birmingham, Alabama

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  354. Marcy says:

    Madison, WI. Gorgeous necklace!

  355. AJL says:

    Washington, DC!

  356. adrienne says:

    san francisco, ca!

  357. Karen says:

    Tempe, AZ

  358. Virginia says:

    New York, NY

  359. Devan says:

    Salt Lake City, UT!

  360. K says:

    Washington, DC!

  361. DC says:

    Torrance, CA

  362. Joanne B. says:

    Capitol Hill DC Baby!

  363. Carol says:

    Not very far – Washington DC!

  364. Kelly H says:

    Watertown, MA

  365. Lindsay V says:

    Lansing, Michigan!

  366. S says:

    Washington DC but moving soon- and will continue to read!

  367. Michelle says:

    College Park, MD ^^;

  368. Alexis says:

    Toronto, ON

  369. CD says:

    Washington, DC!

  370. Emily says:

    Washington DC

  371. Mo says:

    Silver spring, MD!

  372. EVT says:

    Alexandria, VA

  373. Sarah says:

    pensacola, FL (but wishing for a return to DC soon)

  374. Andrea says:

    Greenville, SC

  375. JD says:

    Charlottesville, VA!

  376. Samantha says:

    D.C.! Thanks Belle πŸ™‚

  377. Chloe says:

    Anchorage, Alaska!

  378. Sarah says:

    Vienna, Virginia!

  379. Claire says:

    Boston, MA, but started following you in San Juan, PR!

  380. Sam says:

    Washington DC!

  381. AT says:

    Washington DC! Right down the street πŸ™‚

  382. Angeli says:

    Washington, DC!

  383. Blair M says:

    Atlanta, GA

  384. Udy H says:

    Washington, DC!

  385. Jacqueline says:

    Tallahassee, FL!

  386. Caro says:

    Washington DC!!!

  387. Lauren T says:

    Washington, D.C. Beautiful necklace!

  388. CML says:

    Arlington, VA

  389. Kara says:

    Newport Beach, CA – Thanks!

  390. VCS says:

    Washington, DC!

  391. Anne says:

    Washington, D.C.

  392. Julie says:

    Washington, D.C. by way of Alexandria, VA!

  393. Denise says:

    Love your blog from Washington, DC.

  394. LS says:

    Washington, DC!

  395. Emily says:

    Love it, Belle! I'm in Arlington, VA

  396. Trish says:

    Birmingham, Alabama! πŸ™‚

  397. Emily says:

    Arlington VA

  398. Sharon S. says:

    Washington, DC by way of upstate NY!

  399. Melissa says:

    Washington, DC!

  400. Molly Gibbons says:

    Philadelphia, PA

  401. Stacy says:

    Madison, WI

  402. HK says:

    Chicago, IL

  403. Nina S says:

    Washington DC – Thanks!

  404. NRL says:

    Philadelphia PA

  405. Kara says:

    Arlington, VA

  406. CR says:

    Raleigh, NC

    Loved your blog since I started law school four years ago!

  407. Katrina says:

    Living in DC now but I started reading your blog when I lived in Michigan!

  408. LOVE that necklace–and your blog is great! I live on the Hill, but I'm originally from Austin, TX. πŸ™‚

  409. Shelley says:

    Huntington Beach, CA and Annapolis, MD.

  410. Katherine says:

    Alexandria, VA. Love it!!!

  411. HER says:

    Denver, Colorado

  412. Abigail Stark says:

    Boston, MA LOVE your blog πŸ™‚

  413. Gwen says:

    Newark, DE!

  414. Irene says:

    Washington, DC (but I started reading while I was still in college at the University of Michigan!)

  415. Amelia says:

    Washington DC — though I am originally from the UK!

  416. Patricia Gormley says:

    Miami Lakes, Florida!!!!

  417. Kirstin says:

    South Bend, Indiana. Go Irish!

  418. Valerie says:

    St. John's, Newfoundland

    Love your blog!

  419. LAG says:

    Arlington, VA. Thanks!!

  420. NIcky says:

    San Diego, CA

  421. Meghan says:

    Washington DC!

  422. Anna says:

    Washington DC – so gorgeous!

  423. Amanda says:

    Vienna Austria

  424. Kate says:

    Boston, MA!

  425. Colorado Springs, CO (I used to be in Missoula, MT though!)

  426. Mackenzie says:

    Raleigh, NC

    That necklace is gorgeous!

  427. SW says:


    Philadelphia PA

  428. Carolyn says:

    Arlington, VA!

  429. Lauren says:

    Washington, DC!

  430. Christine says:

    Los Angeles, CA

  431. Melinda says:

    Davie, FL

  432. Jessica says:

    Washington, DC

  433. Melissa says:

    Arlington, VA

  434. Michelle says:

    Hello from New York!

  435. Anne says:

    Tucson, AZ
    Fascinating to see all the different locales.

  436. Katie says:

    Washington, DC!

  437. Melisa says:

    Chicago, Illinois….but I used to live in D.C. πŸ™‚

  438. Michelle says:

    Alexandria, VA!

  439. Anne says:

    Philadelphia, PA

  440. Karen says:

    Seattle, WA!!

  441. Bethany says:

    Washington, DC!

  442. Martha says:

    Winston-Salem, NC

  443. Lisa says:

    cambridge, ma

  444. Polly says:

    Bloomington, IN

  445. Jill says:

    Woodbridge, VA

  446. SK says:

    Ann Arbor, MI

  447. Jen says:

    Memphis, TN

  448. McKensie says:

    Washington DC!

  449. Becky Hammer says:

    Arlington, VA

  450. Maya says:

    Los Angeles, CA

  451. L says:

    Los Angeles, CA

  452. Michele says:

    Washington DC: Capitol Hill

  453. Rachel Bee says:

    Memphis, Tennessee!

  454. Tiffany says:

    Chicago, IL. Love the blog… way better than Corporette.

  455. Kelly says:

    Washington, DC

    (Along with all the other DMV ladies…)

  456. Nora says:


  457. Rachel says:

    Des Moines, Iowa – fab necklace!

  458. MissHappy says:

    Philadelphia, PA

  459. Kate B. says:

    Originally from Cuyahoga Falls, OH, but now in Red Bank, NJ, with Washington, DC, & Portsmouth, NH, in between!

  460. SarahS says:

    Chicago, IL

  461. Stella Louise says:

    I've been looking for a classy statement necklace! Oakland, CA

  462. Ashley Antoskiewicz says:

    Washington, DC!

  463. Hailey says:

    Austin, Texas

  464. Lindsay says:

    Houston, Texas!!

  465. Caroline S says:

    Greenville, SC!!!! Love love love this!

  466. Dorianne says:

    Hoboken, NJ. Love this!

  467. Brm says:

    Baltimore, MD

  468. Camille says:

    Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  469. Lauren says:

    Seattle. Love this necklace!

  470. Dina says:

    Washington D.C.

  471. Catherine says:

    Missoula, Montana

  472. Jamie says:

    Arlington, VA.

  473. Maddie says:

    Another Arlington, VA

  474. Katie says:

    Newark, DE!

  475. strin012 says:

    Washington, DC

  476. Elizabeth says:

    Arlington, Virginia

  477. KF says:

    Yardley, PA

  478. Jenny says:

    Durham, NC!

  479. Elizabeth says:

    Jacksonville, FL!

  480. LJW says:

    Madison, WI for now but soon to be DC!

  481. Annabelle says:

    Cambridge, Ma!

  482. Cheri says:

    Las Vegas, Nevada

  483. Erica says:

    San Antonio, TX over here…but shortly it'll be DC!!

  484. Kristen says:

    Washington, DC – started reading while I lived in Alexandria, VA… moved to the San Francisco, CA Bay Area, and am now back in the District.

  485. MPW says:

    Love the blog, a bright spot in my work day in Savannah, Georgia!

  486. Sarah says:

    Washington, DC! πŸ™‚

  487. Jaqui says:

    Guelph, Ontario (Canada) πŸ™‚

  488. CG says:

    Washington, DC!

  489. Lauren says:

    Sunny Los Angeles!

  490. Theresa says:

    Memphis, TN

  491. Molly says:

    Washington, DC!

  492. Theresa says:

    Love the blog Ò€” Milwaukee, WI!

  493. Linda L says:

    Arlington, VA!

  494. Laura says:

    Arlington, VA

  495. Rachel says:

    Kansas City, MO

  496. Pressley says:

    I live in Wilmington, N.C. — but I love D.C., and I love your blog, Belle!

  497. MC says:

    Washington, DC (but hey, all the way into the far reaches of Georgetown)

  498. Eunice says:

    Coral Springs, FL!

  499. SK says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! And my alma mater's colors!

    Naperville, IL

  500. Shana says:

    Brooklyn, New York

  501. Carolyn says:

    Alexandria VA – just across the river πŸ™‚

  502. Tracy Lynn says:

    Lansing, Michigan! But a former Georgetowner here!

  503. Katie says:

    Washington DC!

  504. cartascartas says:

    Washington, DC!

  505. SES says:

    Bluffton, SC. So fun!

  506. sarah says:

    Washington, DC!

  507. Ms. C says:

    Denver (by way of Oklahoma)

  508. Amy says:

    Richmond, VA!

  509. B says:

    Boston, MA/ Austin, TX

  510. Chris says:

    New York, NY!

  511. b23 says:

    The great city of Houston, Texas!

  512. Dana says:

    Pittsburgh, PA!

  513. Meg says:

    Love this! Washington DC.

  514. Tiffany says:

    Aliso Viejo, California

  515. Ali says:

    Sandy Hook, CT

  516. LMarti says:

    San Francisco, CA!

  517. Aly says:

    St. Paul, MN

  518. Megs says:

    Brooklyn, NY

  519. Xtra-Tall says:

    I love your site; started reading it in Kansas City, MO and now I live in Hartford, CT.

  520. Jaime says:

    Rockville, MD!

  521. Lauren says:

    Tampa, Florida! πŸ™‚

  522. Melissa says:

    Washington, DC

  523. Anna says:

    Charlotte, NC!

  524. Elizabeth Dooley says:

    Kensington CA

  525. Michelle says:

    Thanks Belle! I live in DC.

  526. Kate says:

    Nashville, TN!

  527. Gina says:

    Lexington, KY

  528. Naomi says:

    Cody, WY!

  529. VEM says:

    Arlington, Va!

  530. Paige says:

    Denver, CO, started reading in DC and carried it with me to Canada and finally Denver.

  531. Kris says:

    South Bend, IN! former DC resident

  532. KRR says:

    Phoenix, AZ

  533. Melaine says:

    Washington, DC

  534. Susannah says:

    Washington, DC!

  535. H says:

    Fort Worth, TX!

  536. Jennifer S. says:

    Frederick, MD

  537. Michele says:

    Rockville, MD

  538. Ms. T says:

    Washington, DC

  539. Katie says:

    Atlanta, GA

  540. Alyson says:

    Columbia, SC! But I started following you while I was in law school in Williamsburg, VA!

  541. Liz says:

    Washington, DC. Thanks, Belle!

  542. CMK says:

    Stamford, CT!

    Love the blog!

  543. Meredith says:

    McLean, VA! πŸ™‚

  544. Maggie says:

    Not surprised that there are over 500 comments on this post.

    I started reading the blog when I lived in Bloomington, IN and, (of course) I'm in DC now.

  545. M says:

    Rockville, MD!!
    I don't have any statement necklaces. What a nice piece to start with! Thanks for the giveaway.

  546. Hil says:

    Normal, IL

  547. Stasha says:

    Ljubljana, Slovenia, European Union πŸ™‚

  548. a says:

    Washington, DC by way of Northfield, MN and Seattle, WA. Love the necklace!

  549. Leigh says:


  550. Moira says:

    Arlington, VA

  551. Reema says:

    London, England

  552. Lauren L. says:

    Birmingham, AL

  553. Julie says:

    Washington, DC

  554. Lauren says:

    Arlington, VA

  555. BN says:

    Arlington, VA – thanks for the giveaway!

  556. Abigail says:

    It would be gorgeous in wintery St. Paul, MN!

  557. alicia says:

    DC! I love this!

  558. H says:

    Washington, DC!

  559. lc says:

    San Diego, CA

  560. Mary says:

    Seattle, WA! (Although I used to live in DC).

  561. Meg says:

    Capitol Hill, Washington DC–oh well πŸ™‚

  562. Anne says:

    Alexandria, VA! I love the assymetry!

  563. A says:

    Raleigh, NC. Love your blog!!

  564. Casey says:

    Washington, DC. πŸ™‚

  565. KLC says:

    St. Paul, MN!

  566. ShellBell says:

    Love this necklace!
    Washington, DC now but soon Oslo, Norway

  567. Julie says:

    Knoxville, TN

  568. Danielle says:

    Pretty! I live in Adams Morgan, Washington, DC.

  569. Deb says:


  570. Courtney says:

    So pretty! Love Stella & Dot. New York, NY here!

  571. Elyse G. says:

    Washington DC!

  572. Megan says:

    Washington, DC

  573. Claire says:

    Atlanta, GA. Adore your blog; love the necklace!

  574. Cari says:

    Miami, Florida. Your site is amazing, and is pretty much my fashion bible.

  575. CB says:

    New Orleans, LA!

  576. Tori says:

    Dayton Ohio. Amazing necklace!!

  577. NR says:

    Boston, MA (but currently studying in Houston, TX)

    This may be a repeat, in which case please delete it, but I can't find my original post.

  578. Lilz says:

    Boston, MA – thanks for the giveaway!

  579. T says:

    West Bloomfield, MI

  580. Leanne says:

    Bethesda, MD!

  581. Ali says:

    Wilmington, North Carolina!

  582. Allison says:

    Denver, CO (DC transplant)

  583. JJ says:

    Seattle, WA

  584. Hayley says:

    State College, PA

  585. Jane says:

    Started reading in San Diego, now in Fullerton, CA!

  586. Tierra says:

    Arlington, VA!

    Ok, so not far from Capitol Hill, LOL

  587. EA says:

    All the way from Baton Rouge, Louisiana! PS Happy Mardi Gras!

  588. Charlene D. says:

    Oklahoma City, OK

  589. petitesq says:

    Tampa, Florida!

  590. Emily says:

    Boston, MA. Started reading when I was working on the Hill.

  591. Amanda K says:

    Washington DC by way of NYC!

  592. Muthoni says:

    Baltimore, Maryland!

  593. Sarah says:

    Canton, Michigan (University of Michigan!!!)

  594. LA says:

    Started out reading in DC, then moved to Boston!

  595. MC says:

    Washington, DC!

  596. Mags says:

    Oskaloosa, Iowa

  597. Kayci says:

    Portland, Oregon.

  598. Kay says:

    Philadelphia! Though originally from Arlington, VA. =)

  599. Meredith M. says:

    That is a stunning necklace! Raleigh, NC

  600. Laurie says:

    Ooh, I was eyeing this exact one on Stella & Dot the last time I was on the site. I'm reading this from the land of movies, Hollywood, CA.

  601. Carissa says:

    Atlanta, GA!

  602. Emily says:

    Washington, DC

  603. Julie says:

    Boston, MA

  604. Ashley says:

    Chandler, Oklahoma! Boomer Sooner!

  605. Tina says:

    Arlington, VA

  606. Julia says:

    Washington, DC πŸ™‚

  607. B says:

    Wow, this necklace is awesome! I hope you accept overseas entries, because I live in Hamburg, Germany πŸ™‚

  608. Elizabeth Hill says:

    Kansas City, MO

  609. Melissa says:

    McLean, Va πŸ™‚

    Thank you for everything you do for us!

  610. Lara says:

    Washington, DC

  611. Sara says:

    Washington, D.C.!

  612. Kimberly says:

    Omaha, Nebraska!
    (although I'm excited to be moving to McLean, VA in June)

  613. Lisa says:

    Malmâ, Sweden (w/ shipping address in TX)

  614. Kim says:

    This is such a fantastic piece. Even for someone in Calgary, Alberta (yes, that is in Canada) where dressing up seems to be a rather foreign concept. Nothing like a good statement necklace to perk up otherwise casual attire.

  615. Natalie M. says:

    Ann Arbor, MI

  616. teresa l. says:

    Oakland, CA; thanks Belle! great necklace.

  617. Caroline says:

    Arlington, VA. Love the blog & this giveaway!

  618. Julia says:

    Calgary, Alberta – Canada!

  619. EMB says:

    I just moved back to Washington, DC from Tampa, FL.

  620. Nicole says:

    Champaign, IL!

  621. L says:

    Reston, VA

  622. Margaret says:

    Athens, GA!

  623. Christine says:

    Big fan of the blog here in Westfield, NJ!

  624. Debbie says:

    What a beautiful statement necklace. I would wear this with a mango striped sweater for maximum impact.

    Elgin, IL

  625. Lindsey says:

    Washington, DC!

  626. S.W. says:

    San Francisco, CA!

  627. Maria says:

    Bethesda, MD

  628. Libby says:

    Seattle, WA (refugee from a Hill job, where I got hooked on your blog!)

    Thanks Belle.


  629. Kristin says:

    Washington, DC!

  630. Ash says:

    Minneapolis, MN

  631. TCooke says:

    Washington DC!

  632. Emily M says:

    Blacksburg, VA! I've been reading your blog throughout college (Virginia Tech) and I cannot wait to graduate and finally get to start building a fabulous office wardrobe!!

  633. Jules says:

    Davis, California!

  634. Katrina says:

    I'm originally from Miami, FL, found you during my college years at GW, and have remained a loyal fan working on the Hill!

  635. NJN says:

    Washington, DC!

  636. Anne A. says:

    Boston, MA!

  637. Rhiannon says:

    Adelaide Australia!

  638. Sarah says:

    Washington, DC

  639. Yuri says:

    Laguna Hills, CA

  640. Nancy says:

    Reading daily from Houston Texas!

  641. Nathalie says:

    Seattle, WA!

  642. Siobhan says:

    Salem, WV- I love navy blue!

  643. Rachel says:

    St. Leonard, MD
    Love the necklace!

  644. PW says:

    hometown Downers Grove, IL going to school in South Bend, IN πŸ™‚

  645. Kelley says:

    Baton Rouge, Louisiana!

  646. tiaracara says:

    Arlington, VA…

    Love it! Was just wondering if I had something similar to wear with a red shirt!

  647. Carissa says:

    Denver, CO but just moved to DC. Gorgeous necklace!

  648. Katie says:

    Mahwah, NJ

  649. Lauren says:

    So in love with this blog- AND this necklace! Phoenix, Arizona

  650. Hendersonville, North Carolina

  651. A says:

    Bloomington, IN (Though formerly of DC and missing it!)

  652. Terri says:

    Greenbelt, MD

  653. Amy says:

    Austin, TX … what a beautiful necklace! I feel pretty just looking at it.

  654. Ashley says:

    Washington, DC – What a classy necklace, Belle! Thanks for sharing your style!

  655. Stephanie says:

    Started following you when I lived in Alexandria, and I just couldn't give you up when I moved to San Antonio!

  656. J. White says:

    Nashville, Tn. I started reading when I lived in DC a couple years ago. Love the blog and the necklace!

  657. Morgan says:

    I've read your blog from all over, but now its Denver!
    Thanks for the fabulous giveaway, so exciting!

  658. Bronwyn says:

    Vancouver, British Columbia here!

  659. Christina says:

    Lafayette, CA! Thanks, Belle πŸ˜€

  660. Kate says:

    Columbus, Ohio

  661. ainsley says:

    Fairfax, VA. Love your blog!

  662. Chelsea says:

    Washington, DC. Thanks Belle!

  663. This is the exact statement necklace that I have been lusting after on Stella & Dot. LOVE!

    Vancouver, BC

  664. Emily K. says:

    Germantown, NY! Love Cap Hill Style!

  665. Susan Mouser says:

    Abilene, TX. I love the look!

  666. Ruth says:

    My permanent home is in Chicago, IL, but I'm in Melaka, Malaysia right now

  667. Valerie says:

    This would be a gorgeous statement piece for a night out here in Indianapolis, IN!

  668. Sandra says:

    Mountain View, CA

  669. saramel says:

    Nashville, TN

  670. Katherine says:

    Chino Hills, CA πŸ˜€

  671. Angela says:

    Currently in Ann Arbor, MI!

  672. Kelly says:

    Cincinnati Ohio!

  673. Carolyn says:

    Boston, MA. Love the necklace!

  674. Deanna says:

    Sacramento, CA πŸ™‚

  675. Diane says:

    Washington, DC!

  676. Meg says:

    Arlington, VA (Ballston, so as far away as you can get and still be in Arlington)

  677. Cat says:

    Los Angeles, CA

  678. Emily R. says:

    Richmond VA

  679. Gretchen says:

    St. Paul, MN

  680. E says:

    Washington, DC!

  681. Mel says:

    Columbia, MO

  682. Katie says:

    San Francisco, ca!

  683. Bpalaz says:

    Houston, TX!

  684. Jennifer says:

    Boston, MA

  685. Shelitha says:

    Atlanta, GA

  686. Julie B says:

    Phoenix, Arizona

    Thank you!

  687. Morgan says:

    Columbus, Ohio!

  688. BethC says:

    Emporia, KS!

  689. Elizabeth says:

    Currently in Alexandria, VA, but I began reading when I lived in Raleigh, NC!

  690. Tessa says:

    Right here in D.C. πŸ™‚

  691. LJ says:

    Columbus, OH πŸ™‚

  692. Mary says:

    New York, NY

  693. KW says:

    Perrysburg, Ohio

  694. Victoria says:

    Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia!

  695. Danielle says:

    New Orleans, Louisiana!

  696. Jssaustintx says:

    You probly coulda guessed, but I'm in Austin,Tx!

  697. Michelle says:

    Arlington, VA

  698. Lainey says:

    Virginia Beach, VA!

  699. Lauren C says:

    All the way from Dallas, TX!!

  700. Anon says:

    Memphis, TN area

  701. CMC says:

    Nashville, TN! I love your blog!

  702. kristin says:

    Washington, DC, but read when I lived in China for awhile, too!

  703. Heather says:

    Holly Springs, NC!

  704. Genevieve says:

    Berkeley, CA, but I started reading your blog when I was in Singapore!

  705. C, says:

    Poland, Maine

  706. Whitney says:

    Canton, MI!

    Thanks, Belle!

  707. KG says:

    Baltimore, MD but started reading in Arlington, VA

  708. Sarah says:

    So beautiful! Washington, D.C.

  709. Esther says:

    LOVE IT! Johns Creek, GA!

  710. Beth says:

    Cleveland, Ohio!

  711. Ellie says:

    sigh…I love this. Heard about your blog from my niece Jessica who lives in DC and loves clothes as much as I do….Oxford GA

  712. Nancy says:

    Seattle, WA!

  713. Clara says:

    About to finish a three year stint in Nicaragua… and already planning my outfit for the return journey. (I do have a shipping address in the US.)

    Love this gorgeous necklace and your blog, thanks for the awesome giveaway and all your hard work!

  714. Amy D. says:

    Charlottesville, VA

    Gorgeous necklace!! Thanks for the generous giveaway! πŸ™‚

  715. Renee says:

    Syracuse, NY

  716. Shannon says:

    Washington DC — Capitol Hill, in fact!

  717. MS says:

    Pittsburgh, PA!

  718. Sarah says:

    A Washingtonian for you!


  719. Sarah says:

    Raleigh, NC!

  720. Jessica F says:

    Chicago, IL!

  721. JW says:

    Cambridge, MA

  722. Megan W. says:

    Love your site all the way from Austin, TX!

  723. Daniela says:

    Dallas, TX

  724. EMS says:

    Baltimore, MD

  725. Jenn says:

    Long Beach, California … Love your blog!

  726. Rachael says:

    Birmingham, AL

  727. Liz says:

    So beautiful! I love it. Los Angeles.

  728. V says:

    Washington, DC

  729. Crystal says:

    Yet another follower from Arlington, VA.

  730. ECD says:

    Washington, DC.

  731. Ari says:

    Minneapolis, MN!

  732. ELisa says:

    Tucson, AZ

  733. Sophia says:

    Washington, DC by way of San Francisco!

  734. Liz says:

    Brookfield, Wisconsin. Thank you for the giveaway.

  735. MET says:

    Gatesville, TX

  736. Leslie says:

    Atlanta, GA
    Awesome blog!

  737. Lucy says:

    Los Angeles, CA

  738. Danna says:

    Portland, OR

  739. Wendy T says:

    Vancouver, BC Canada

  740. Riley says:

    Philadelphia, PA!

  741. Rebecca says:

    Saint Paul, MN

  742. CCN says:

    Waco, Texas
    I started reading when I was an intern in DC last summer!

  743. Danielle says:

    San Jose, California

  744. Sarah says:


  745. kendyce says:

    What a great piece! I am from Sacramento, California.

  746. Karin says:

    Great necklace! Gent, Belgium (originally from PA)

  747. DC2 says:

    Lovely! Quezon City, Philippines πŸ™‚

  748. Irina says:

    Hi Belle ! I'm a long time fan of the blog from Bucharest, Romania. Seems that your style has spread pretty far..

  749. MNS says:

    Saratoga Springs, NY

  750. Pam says:

    Falls Church, VA Love this necklace …

  751. Allison says:

    Leesburg, VA. Thanks for the giveaway!

  752. Sara S says:

    Washington, DC!

  753. MA says:

    Charleston, SC

  754. Nina says:

    Boston, MA. Beautiful necklace!

  755. Jen says:

    Dallas, TX. Great necklace,

  756. JJ says:

    Shanghai! (With a U.S. mailing address perfect for receiving fabulous CHS giveaways!)

  757. Kari says:

    Washington DC and I'm always shocked when I find out a DC friend hasn't found your blog yet.

  758. Kat says:

    Bucharest, Romania.
    Your blog is great btw

  759. Kerry says:

    Washington, DC

  760. Elle says:

    Hi, I just love your blog. I read each day and your advice has truly changed my life. Please keep up the good work, we need you. Oh, and the necklace is so pretty! Love, love!

  761. Deidre says:

    Johannesburg, South Africa.

    Love your blog, its great inspiration!

  762. BSG says:

    Washington, DC!!

  763. Amanda says:

    Washington, DC!

  764. Loveen says:

    Started reading your blog from Phoenix, AZ and now I live in Washington D.C.

  765. Laura says:

    Washington, DC!

  766. Justine says:

    This blog has gone with me from Mexico City to my current home of Mumbai, India. Thanks for all of the wonderful advice!

  767. Alli says:

    Fayetteville, AR

  768. HM says:

    Washington, DC

  769. Nanette says:

    Love the necklace. Thanks Belle. Rochester, MN

  770. Caitlin says:

    Arlington, VA

  771. Rachel says:

    Charlotte, NC. Thanks!!!

  772. Elsa says:

    Houston, Texas

  773. Rani says:

    Vienna, VA

  774. Kelly D says:

    Scranton, PA

  775. Jules says:

    Washington DC!!

  776. Erica says:

    arlington, va

  777. Elizabeth says:

    Charlotte, NC!

  778. Jen says:

    I live in Washington, DC now but I'm from Houston, Texas! So that's farther away. Love the necklace!

  779. Amy says:

    The metropolis of Des Moines, Iowa!

  780. Kansas City, Missouri says:

    Love the necklace.

  781. SM says:

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida πŸ™‚

  782. Jessica says:

    Madison, WI

  783. Sam says:

    Cheverly, MD

  784. Mary says:

    Phoenix, AZ!

  785. Amanda S. says:

    Columbus, Ohio! Buckeyes love CHS!

  786. Effie W. says:

    Portland, OR. Love your post!

  787. AliC says:

    Boston, MA! Love your blog πŸ™‚

  788. Eleni says:

    Baltimore, Maryland. Love your blog!

  789. Davie says:

    Los Angeles, CA πŸ™‚

  790. Mmkay says:

    Austin, Texas!!!!

  791. ellen casper says:

    High Point, NC

  792. Meg says:

    Jefferson City, Missouri

  793. Katie Love says:

    Columbia, SC πŸ™‚

  794. Anon says:

    Seattle, WA

  795. Jamie says:

    Cincinnati, Ohio – am I the ONLY person who lives in Cincinnati!?!? πŸ™‚

  796. Catherine says:

    Great giveaway! I started reading your blog when I lived in Alexandria, but now I'm in West Des Moines, Iowa.

  797. C says:

    DC! But I heard about your blog from a fellow Gonzaga grad the day I moved here! πŸ™‚

  798. Emcie Kaye says:

    Kansas City, Mo.

  799. JS says:

    Austin, TX!

  800. R says:

    Munich, Germany

  801. Alexis says:

    Washington, DC!

  802. Brooke says:

    Vienna, VA

  803. Jennelle says:

    Charleston, West Virginia

  804. Carolyn Rhodes says:

    Love the necklace and your blog. I live in Sydney Australia

  805. Brett says:

    Fairhope, Alabama πŸ™‚

  806. Dhar says:

    Love your blog, i find your advice very helpful for dressing in the state capitol here in Sacramento, CA!

  807. Jen says:

    Tampa, FL

  808. CVL says:

    Nashville, Tennessee!

    Love your blog, Belle!!

  809. Whitley says:

    Arlington, VA!!

  810. Emily says:

    Washington, DC!

  811. Kelly B. says:

    Manchester, VT!

  812. NOLA says:

    Midland, MI

  813. Sarah says:

    Alexandria, VA

  814. Lindsay says:


  815. Anna says:

    Arlington, VA. Love your blog, love your style, and love this necklace! Saw it at a show recently and it's even more beautiful in person!

  816. natasha says:

    Thanks for the twitter reminder! DC for me.

  817. Wendy says:

    Oakland, CA!

  818. Ashley says:

    Dallas, tx

  819. Lexi says:

    I'm local, in Washington, DC!

  820. Jay says:

    Rockville, MD

  821. Kristy says:

    Princeton, NJ

    Love your blog, Belle!

  822. Denise says:

    Houston, Texas

  823. jessk says:

    burlingame, ca

  824. Kristen M. says:

    Arlington, VA

  825. McO says:

    Austin, TX!

  826. Elizabeth says:

    Boston, MA

  827. Mollie says:

    Denver, CO.

  828. Beth says:

    Cute necklace!
    Tysons Corner, VA

  829. Elizabeth says:

    Greensboro, North Carolina!

    But a recent transplant from Waco, Tx

  830. Rachel says:

    Feeling a little out of place, but..

    Ithaca, NY!

  831. Sara says:

    Orlando, FL! (Formerly in DC)

  832. Allie says:

    Bloomington, IN!!!

  833. jane says:

    Lovely necklace, thanks for the chance to win. From sunny north Florida

  834. Nicole C. says:

    Corpus Christi, TX but a very recent transplant from Dallas, TX

  835. MX says:

    Washington, DC by way of Philadelphia (where I lived when I first started reading CHS)

  836. Sara says:

    Washington, DC.

  837. AM says:

    Provo, Utah!

  838. Sarah M. says:

    Washington, DC!

  839. Blml says:

    Buffalo, NY

  840. jessiem says:

    Phoenix, AZ. Love the blog!

  841. mj says:

    San Antonio, TX!

  842. Chrys says:

    Vancouver, Canada!

  843. CJ says:

    Melbourne – Australia, not Florida!

  844. Maeve says:

    Washington DC – thanks!

  845. Debbie says:

    Chicago, IL (but formerly Washington, DC). Love this necklace and your blog!

  846. Jo says:

    Calgary, AB, Canada

  847. Jennifer says:

    Dover, Delaware!

  848. LH says:

    Washington, District of Columbia πŸ™‚

  849. Meg says:

    I'm another Gaithersburg to D.C. commuter!

  850. Sarah R. says:

    Alexandria, VA!

  851. Sara says:

    Capitol Hill! Really far away, I know…

  852. Jamie says:

    Gilboa, NY

  853. Meghan says:

    BALTIMORE, MD (Home of the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens!)

    Love the blog!

  854. marissa c says:


  855. Gigi says:

    Wellesley, MA!

  856. Caitlin says:

    Albuquerque, NM.

  857. Melissa says:

    Boston, MA

  858. sp63 says:


  859. KC says:

    Reading from Boston, MA!

  860. Steph E says:

    Philadelphia, PA πŸ™‚

  861. Madelyn says:

    Singapore! Congratulations on making it to the other side of the world πŸ™‚

  862. ann says:

    Alexandria, VA!

  863. Jacqueline says:

    Love this necklace- thanks! Washington, DC

  864. MC says:

    Washington, DC! But I started reading when I still lived in Indianapolis πŸ™‚

  865. Whitney says:

    I love Stella and Dot!

    Whitney R, Washington DC

  866. Whit says:

    Austin, Texas

  867. Laura says:

    Currently Washington, DC, but I began reading the blog while I was still in Sacramento, CA!

  868. Ave says:

    Lovely Necklace!
    Reading from my desk in Washington, DC

  869. Stephanie says:

    Washington, DC! Capitol Hill, in fact! This necklace is amazingly timed because I have been working from home (and attending classes at night), but on Monday I am starting a detail at my office that is on-site and requires more businessy clothing than I otherwise wear.

  870. SLG says:

    Love it!

    Oakton, VA.

  871. Laura B says:

    Living in DC but actually heard about your blog while studying abroad in Edinburgh from my roommate who was from NY, NY.

  872. Courtney says:

    Charlotte, NC! Although I lived in Baltimore, MD for the last 5 years and all my friends are in DC! πŸ™‚

  873. Sarah says:

    Oakland, CA.

  874. Amy says:

    Fredericksburg, Virginia

  875. Courtney says:

    Minneapolis, MN

  876. Alicia says:

    Kingston, Ontario – Canada

  877. AY says:

    Washington, DC!

  878. Christie says:

    Washington, DC!

  879. Mariel M. says:

    DC transplant, currently in San Antonio, TX – spreading the caphillstyle love, ya'll!

  880. Jessica says:

    Butte MT!!!

  881. MKal says:


  882. tara says:

    atlanta – thanks!

  883. MCB says:

    Danville, KY

  884. Wakanyi says:

    Arlington, VA via Nairobi, Kenya

  885. Rachel says:

    San Francisco, CA! Although I did just move here from DC…spreading the word πŸ™‚

  886. Randi says:

    Indianapolis! πŸ™‚

  887. Belle says:


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I’d write a quippy intro, but it’s 5:00AM and I’m sitting in an airport lounge, so let’s just get on with it, shall we?



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The Find: An Olive Striped Shirt

As you may have noticed, I do not have the most creative personal style. I am here for basics. But what I’m always looking for is basic-but, a piece of clothing that is basic but just a little different.



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Two Ways: The Olive Striped Shirt

I’d write a quippy intro, but it’s 5:00AM and I’m sitting in an airport lounge, so let’s just get on with it, shall we?



Features, Posts, The Range | June 18, 2024

The Find: An Olive Striped Shirt

As you may have noticed, I do not have the most creative personal style. I am here for basics. But what I’m always looking for is basic-but, a piece of clothing that is basic but just a little different.



Features, Monday Mornings, Posts | June 17, 2024

The Mondays: June 17, 2024

From the rooftop deck of my D.C. hotel I can see it all. The Capitol building, where I worked on and off for a decade. My first apartment where