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10th Commandment: February 4

What a mess.  Sarah moved the blog.  It looked great.  Then, I discovered that the new software Squarespace is using is about as user-friendly as a Russian camera manual.  So now we’re back, until I pick up and move to WordPress.  It’s disappointing, but when you ruin a perfectly good product, you can’t expect people to keep purchasing it.  Now, back to the posts…

Elected Official

ALC Fay Flare Skirt ($440)

Hill Staffer

BCBG Ingrid A-Line Skirt ($158)

Paid Intern

Flare Hem Ponte Skirt ($50)


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  1. Emmalu says:

    Luv your site!!!!
    I need a fit / flare n navy. Suggestions??

    February 4, 2013/Reply