Two Ways: Postponed

Hello my dears,

Last night was a bit of a trial for me.  I went out with some lovely ladies for a cocktail before coming home to blog, only to discover that my internet connection was down.  Thus, I did not complete today’s Two Ways post.

I’ll post it tomorrow. 

If you need a bit of Belle in your life to replace the missing post, head over to the website of the Washington City Paper.  I wrote an article about the best gifts, esp. local gifts, to buy for your loved ones this holiday season.  You can also pick up your free copy from stands around town.

See you tomorrow!




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  1. GoGoGo says:

    The piece looks great. Mazel tov. Nice to see my two favorite sources of DC chatter teaming up.

    I'm going to get that cell phone wall doohicky for everybody I know, so thanks for the tip.

    December 6, 2012/Reply