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10th Commandment: November 29


Buttoned Boatneck Sweater ($73)

I love the cozy simplicity of this sweater.  The stripes, the neutral colors and the graceful boatneck shape are fantastic.  It’s the perfect winter sweater.

If you like the boatneck shape, but need a little color in your life, try this gorgeous berry-colored sweater.  This one has a bolder Rugby stripe.  And if you want stripes with a pop of color, this sweater from Loft has a great yellow border to add a hint of bright.



  1. SLG says:

    Just bought this! Couldn't resist the soft colors. Would love some styling suggestions!

    (Also, FYI: J. Crew is running another through Sunday: 25% off $150 or more, 30% off $250 or more, so if you pick up a few more things in addition to this, you could get a nice deal.)

    November 29, 2012/Reply
  2. SLG says:

    Woops. J. Crew is running another sale.

    November 29, 2012/Reply
  3. Laura T. says:

    I am still not sure on WHO can wear boat neck shorts. Every time I try boat necks on, I feel they look strange on me, and I keep going back to the thought that ladies who are less well-endowed look better in them. Also every time I move the neckline seems to shift. Do you feel that certain necklines are better for certain body types, or can everyone wear everything? (Crew vs. V vs. boat vs. turtle neck shirts)?

    November 29, 2012/Reply