+ Three Ways

Two Ways: Strapless Swimsuit

Suit: Twist Bandeau One-Piece Suit (J.Crew, $82)

From Left, Sunglasses: Cat-Eye Glasses ($70) Bracelets: Amrita Singh Safari Bangle ($58) Clutch: Ecote Wooden Clutch ($40) Sandal: Oasis Plaited Mini Wedge ($75) Skirt: Topshop Printed Maxi ($45)

From Right, Hat: Classic Fedora ($13) Sunglasses: Aviator Sunglasses ($139) Bag: Zara Canvas Shopper ($90) Sandal: Burnish Coral Sandal ($79) Top: Perfect Chambray Shirt ($88) Shorts: 4″ J.Crew Chino Short ($45)

Polyvore Set Here.

I decided to post some outfit ideas for swimwear because I know some of you lucky bitches will be headed to the beach over the holiday recess.  I will be here.  Working.  I’m not bitter about it at all.

For a Dinner Date.  I see a lot of women rolling into restaurants for dinner wearing their $300+ Tory Burch tunic swim cover up and nothing else.  I am opposed to this, mostly because the tunics are so short that they don’t cover enough tush for women to sit down on a bar stool.  Need to wear one on a smoothie run in the mid-afternoon before returning to your lounge chair, fine.  But to a restaurant for dinner, in my opinion, this is no bueno.

If you must come straight from the beach or the pool to the restaurant, or you’re at one of those resorts where no one every puts on real clothes, layering a light maxi skirt over your swimsuit is a cute alternative to shorts.  Here, the teal in the suit mixes with the greens and blues in the floral printed skirt.

For the accessories, I added a cat eye sunnie, wood bangles, a wood clutch and my current favorite mid-priced wedge.  I wanted a lot of wood for an organic feel.  Because wearing diamonds and gold with a swimsuit just seems like a strange idea.  This isn’t RHONJ, after all.

For the hair, loose beachy waves.  For the makeup, pop of coral blush, some bronzer and a lightly pink lip gloss.  You want to capture that sunkissed look without being overdone.

For a Shopping Trip.  Are you running errands in Annapolis before heading out on the boat?  Are you doing some window shopping to escape the mid-day heat?  A pair of chino shorts and a chambray shirt are the perfect cover ups for your suit.

If I were wearing this outfit, I would tie the shirt in a knot instead of buttoning it.  It just feels a little more relaxed that way.  But if you’re not looking for a 1980s throwback, you can just button the first few bottom buttons, tuck it in and leave the top open.

I added a fedora for sun protection and to cover the post-swim hair.  I also like a coral sandal for a bit of color and a basic canvas bag to tote your wares in.

For the hair, I would pull it into a low bun and wear the hat.  For the makeup, keep it very natural with a little bit of blush and bronzer and some tinted chapstick.



  1. Jackmo says:

    Has anyone bought this bathing suit? If so, could you give any insight re: sizing? Does it run big/small etc?


    June 21, 2012/Reply
  2. Angie says:

    I think the cover-ups-as-dresses issue also depends on height. If you're 5'1 and it fits you like a dress, go for it. If you're my height and it barely covers your tuckus (as my Italian grandmother would strangely say in Yiddish), it needs a pair of slim-fit pants to look classy at dinner.

    June 21, 2012/Reply
  3. KC says:

    Highlight of my afternoon: reading all of the reviews on Top Shop complaining about the “knickers” sewn into the skirt.

    June 21, 2012/Reply