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Ask Belle Roundup May 14


Thank you for putting a plus-size piece on the blog last week. I never lost the weight after my last child was born, and I’m finding it difficult to dress my new body.  Can you suggest a few blogs that specialize in plus-size fashion?

Thank you, Katrina

If you’re looking for plus-sized style blogs, you need to start with Nicolette Mason.  That girl has mad style.  In fact, no matter your size that is a blog you need to be reading.

Looking for more suggestions? The Curvy Fashionista has an excellent blogroll featuring dozens of great sites. 

Dear Belle,

I have not worn a watch since high school.  I hate having to check my phones to see the time, and figure that I should at least get a professional looking watch.  I’ve looked online at Coach, Ann Klein, and Michael Kors, and would like to keep it under $100, considering my watch-wearing past.  Do you have any suggestions?  (I also have tiny wrists, and those giant watches will just look like clocks on my arm.)

Thanks! Betsy

When spending less than $100 on a watch, it’s important to find a timepiece that won’t look cheap.  This means you need to avoid faux-diamonds, trendy shapes and decorations and fake, plated metals.  Personally, I like a leather or colored band in a traditional, versatile, style.  But you can also choose a piece that makes a statement if you’re a bit braver than I.

1: Fossil Georgia Watch ($75) 2: La Mer Paris Print Watch ($88) 3: Skagen Line Extensions Watch ($95) 4: Timex Chronograph Watch ($95) 5: Fossil Watch Case ($75) 6: AK Purple Aluminum Watch ($75)

Polyvore Set Here.

Here are a selection of watches under-$100, some are classic, some are bold.  Leather bands are especially good for the tiny-wristed, but if you prefer links, you can have a few removed.  And if you’re a person who changes her mind frequently, buy a watch case (like example five) and a few bands in different colors.  That way no matter what mood you are in, you can have a watch to match.


I have several summer weddings and I’ve been looking for a bra that is both strapless and backless.  Any suggestions?


Depending on cup size, finding a strapless, backless bra is either is or a Grail Quest. If you’re a B-cup or smaller, try a NuBra.  It sticks to the skin (and it really sticks) and stays put all day providing a little lift and decent coverage.  

Need a little more support? This bra from Fashion Forms has a bit more structure.  Need a lot more support? One of my well-endowed friends loves the Goddess bra line, says theirs is the only strapless bra that actually holds things up without causing back pain.



  1. S says:

    Neither here nor there, but Ebates (which this site occasionally mentions) is having a cash-back “sale” today – 13% back at over 100 online shopping sites, including Nordstrom, Macy's, Endless, and the Gap brand family. Sounds like a great excuse to go online shopping!

    May 14, 2012/Reply
  2. p says:

    Does the NuBra really stick all day, even in hot weather… like at an outdoor wedding reception with dancing, etc? I ask because I am in a wedding in August, and my bridesmaid dress will require something like a NuBra – but the last stick-on bra I tried as a bridesmaid completely detached during the hot summer reception once the dancing got started and I got sweaty. The ONLY reason it stayed on was because my dress kept it in place. Thank God. So I'm a little wary of trying another stick-on bra lest I inadvertently end up the braless bridesmaid…

    May 14, 2012/Reply
  3. Sarah says:

    I have had a lot of success buying watches on sale through RueLaLa. I have a Kenneth Cole green leather strap that I'm constantly complimented on, and a Seiko silver watch with diamonds in the face. Both under $75, subtle and classy.

    May 14, 2012/Reply
  4. Belle says:

    P: I wore one to a wedding where it was 90-100 degrees. Now, I chose the light one, not the heavier one with silicone padded cups. But I had no problems. I also applied a little spray antiperspirant and let that dry for about half an hour before I applied it.

    May 14, 2012/Reply
  5. Ellen says:

    P – I have worn the NuBra to two outdoor summer weddings and it has been fine. I think so long as you aren't sweating like you've run a marathon in Alabama in July you should be fine. Also the sales associate told me not to put lotion on the area you are sticking it to only to have washed and dried the skin there since the lotion can make it lose its stick (I haven't worn mine with lotion since I am pretty sure that wasn't an idle threat, ha)

    May 14, 2012/Reply
  6. Jean says:

    Belle, for Katrina's question I'd like to add

    I'm not sure if she's technically plus size or not but I love her style and she knows what flatters her body type.

    May 14, 2012/Reply
  7. norwegianette says:

    Jean, I just spent two hours going through her archive, she's amazing!! Thanks for the tip! ­čÖé

    May 14, 2012/Reply
  8. Anie says:

    I love my Skagen. I have a silver one with a silver mesh band. It's easy tell time on, and the mesh band is adjustable to the most minute specifications. There's one with rose gold accents here ( if you like mixing metals.

    May 15, 2012/Reply
  9. Trix says:

    Another option for a bra, if it doesn't need to be truely backless, try to find a long line, low back strapless bra. I'm a D cup and the long line provides additional suppor and, to me, is more comfortable that a traditional strapless.

    May 15, 2012/Reply
  10. GoGoGo says:

    Ditto, Jean. I just popped over there and she's totally charming.

    I'd love it if watches made a comeback, ettiquette-wise. One less basic daily function that I can do without dragging the phone out would be great.

    May 15, 2012/Reply
  11. Morgan says:

    Try the fossil outlets (There is one in leesburg) Fossil makes DKNY, MK, AX, and other high end brands so the sell those brands there, including obviously, the fossil brand. One other perk, they'll remove links for you and even come with the same warranty (but ask about it and save your receipt!)

    May 15, 2012/Reply