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Holiday Spirit: Help Our Local Veterans


Before we get started on the Holiday Gift Guides, I thought I might take a moment to direct your attention (and hopefully, your pocket books) to a worthy local cause.

As a Capitol Hill denizen, I’ve spent more than enough time at the American Legion Hall, Post 8 on Capitol Hill.  From political fundraisers to Saturday bingo, the Hall is an important part of the Capitol Hill community.

The Legion Hall is currently raising money to remodel their restrooms.  Currently, the restrooms are not set up for disabled and handicapped veterans.  As a result, the Legion cannot host veterans who use wheelchairs or who have mobility issues.  Given that the Legion often hosts dinner for patients at Walter Reed, this leaves a lot of needy vets in the cold. 

If you were planning on donating to charity this holiday season, please consider giving to this worthy cause.  The Legion stands by our local veterans, and it’s a shame that they can’t serve their entire community.  I spoke with some of the folks at Post 8 this weekend, and they estimate that it will cost $10,000 to rebuild the restrooms. 

To contact the fine folks at American Legion Hall Post 8, click here.  Sadly, there is no mechanism to donate online, so you’ll have to write a paper check.  Please mark in the memo section of the check that it is for the Restroom Building Fund.


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  1. Gerard Brightman says:

    This is such a noble cause! Great proceed!

    December 6, 2011/Reply