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  1. Elaine says:

    Has anyone purchased this purse? I love it (I think) and it went down to $19.99 on Zara's website. Just curious if anyone can share any real life pics, actual dimensions, etc.? Also, is the pink elastic band sewn on to the other side of the purse or what? Thanks!

    January 3, 2012/Reply
  2. Lauren says:

    Hey! I just came across this whilst searching for images of what other people have worn this clutch with – I own it but haven't yet used it because I'm rubbish at working out awesome outfits, and have found NOTHING on the internet 🙁 I was totally the same with your 'I love it (I think)' response haha. the elastic is attached to the back of the bag, yes – it kind of goes through a loop that's sewn on. You slip the elastic off the side (it stays attached due to being through the loop) but that lets you unclip it (it's kept in the position shown in the picture by a little magnetic button thing), then unfold it upwards and access the inner through the zip. It's quite deep once it's fully opened, almost square I think. And it's the same bright pink on the inside, too 🙂 The strap is detachable and goes from an over-the-arm handbag type length to a full across-the-body length. I personally think it looks best as a clutch, though. The dimensions are on the Zara website as far as I'm aware. Hope that helps a little, and I'm gonna keep searching for inspiration! xx

    January 8, 2012/Reply