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Three Ways: BCBG Skinny Belt

Until five years ago or so, I didn’t own any belts.  I didn’t wear them.  I didn’t think I needed them.  And no one really sold anything but basic black and brown leather anyway, so why bother?  Then all of a sudden belts were everywhere.

Now, “Belt It!” is a cardinal fashion rule.  The dress is too big?  Belt it.  The cardigan is boring? Belt it.  The basic blazer isn’t doing it for you?  Belt it.  But a lot folks, still don’t know that a couple of well-styled belts are the key to giving your style a boost.

Polyvore Set Found Here.

I love a long coat over a sheath dress.  It’s so chic.  Very Ladies Who Lunch.  Here I mixed a birght orange sheath with cool, strappy booties and modern accessories to liven up the basics. 

I’d belt the dress and then wear the coat over it.  But you could belt the coat over the dress if you wanted to change it up.  It matters not.

All you need is a bouffant updo and some killer eyeliner, and you’re all ready for tea at Bergdorf’s.

Polyvore Set Found Here.

I love this skirt, and I think it could be really flattering on a number of different body types (pear, straight, triangle.  Tuck in the blouse, and add the belt to accentuate the waist whether you have one or are trying to create one. 

Also, I love mixing coral and turquoise.  It’s such a bold combo, but it really works.  Plus, how cute are those earrings?

Polyvore Set Found Here.

This dress from TopShop was built for a skinny belt.  The pleating comes right up to the waist, and it’s begging for a sophisticated skinny belt. 

The dress would be lovely for daytime, but mix in the right shoe with a hint of metallica and these dramatic, disc earrings and you’re all set.  Also, you could do a basic gold clutch, but why not take the opportunity to mix in another color instead?  The outfit is filled with so many neutral shades, that it’s perfect for an rust-colored or emerald bag.


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  1. Blue line blonde says:

    I always think a skinny belt worn at my waist accentuates the fact that I have no waist. Always try to do skinny belts with pants and thick ones on the waist. I can see how nice details and thick hardware like the belt here might change that though!

    May 17, 2011/Reply
  2. DCGal says:

    Two words, Belle: Michelle Obama. I'm convinced she's the inspiration (conscious or otherwise) for all of us never-before-belters (including myself).

    May 17, 2011/Reply
  3. CynthiaW says:

    Hey – coincidentally enough you can get 30% off at BCBG today with the code Glamour30. I just might pick this belt up for that kind of discount.

    May 17, 2011/Reply
  4. P says:

    Belle, you are killing it with these posts. I love absolutely everything! Now I just have to get to the H&M in Metro Center tonight and snag that skirt…

    May 17, 2011/Reply