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  1. Leila says:

    They may be sparkly and cute, but those Louboutin's just look like stripper heels to me. Not the most cinstructive comment, but thought i'd post based on your last tweet.

    December 14, 2010/Reply
  2. KLo says:

    I adore the Chinese Laundry, but don't quite know how to wear them …

    December 14, 2010/Reply
  3. Belle says:

    I wasn't talking about my own blog. CHS does fine in the comments considering half of my readers are on the RSS feed only. There are two DC blogs that consistently brag about their high traffic but they have no comments. It makes no sense.

    If I have 1/10th the traffic they claim to have, how come I have comments and they don't?

    December 14, 2010/Reply
  4. Belle says:


    I think these shoes would look spectacular with an off white dress. Something flowy or pleated in chiffon. A subtle dress with a kickin' shoe.

    December 14, 2010/Reply
  5. Stephanie says:

    Of these, the Chinese Laundry pair is my favorite. The other two pairs look too much like stripper heels to me.

    I have this pair of sparkly peep-toe heels and love them:


    I recently wore them to an event with a subdued navy chiffon dress. With sparkly shoes like any of these, I think restraint is the key—if you wear anything else bold or sparkly, you'll probably wind up looking like a teenager or a hooker.

    December 14, 2010/Reply