State of the Blog: About This Week

A few quick housekeeping notes regarding this week.  Enjoy.

Resale Salon. New items in the CHS Resale Salon.  Lots of fabulous pieces from Herve Leger, Milly, Robert Rodriguez, Kelsi Dagger, Coach, Tom Ford and Karen Millen.  So have a look, and get shopping!

Fashion Fairy Godmother.  My quest to become the next Stacey London is coming to fruition.  I’ve booked several appointments for my new wardrobe consulting business, Fashion Fairy Godmother, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  

If you need a little help in the style department or just someone to help you muck out that closet, visit the FFG page for more information.  I offer three price points so that anyone can afford a personal stylist.  Does your closet need a little magical intervention?

Intern Postings. This week, the candidates for the CHS internship will be posting this week.  Each day, we’ll feature the bio of an intern and then a post written by them.  We’ll have one today, two tomorrow and two on Thursday.  I’ll be back on Friday with Belle’s Weekly Reading, a rant about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and The Happy Hour post.

Please take the time to comment on the intern posts, or email me to express your thoughts.  I’d really like input on which posts you enjoy reading and why.  I want to hire some help, but I don’t want blog quality to suffer.

Have a good week!




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  1. K says:

    There has clearly been a lot of thought and effort put into each of the potential Intern’s postings. They have all demonstrated their “passion for fashion” in unique and different ways. One suggestion when making a final selection–it would be helpful to cut down the amount of text used in the postings and increase the photos of clothing, accessories, and information about where to find the best deals. I covet CHS because is allows me to keep up on the latest trends and avoid potential pitfalls during the only 10 minutes I may have have to myself during the day. Please remember that sometimes less is more. Keep up the great work!

    July 23, 2010/Reply