Belle's Weekly Reading: Volume VI

What a crazy week this has been, between traveling and now having a Spring cold, I feel like I need a vacation.  But alas, several more week until recess, so no vacay for me!  Here are the blog posts and web articles that I found particularly interesting this week.

Trim It Up. We’ve discussed how to trim your own bangs on this blog before, but some people learn better by seeing how something is done than reading about it.  Luckily, InStyle and Ted Gibson have a tutorial on how to trim your bangs at home without looking like you were attacked by a scissor toting five-year-old.  Since my hairdresser Teri is traveling Southeast Asia for the next four weeks, I will definitely need this advice.

Charging to 300. Anyone who has ever left home with a half-charged Blackberry and no charger can tell you what a pain it is.  But never fear, The Capitol Fashionista has a product that’s sure to come in handy: Wellies that use the heat from your feet to charge your cell phone.  No idea on what you’re supposed to do when it’s sunny.

Listen Limey. Did you know that online boutique Piperlime has a blog?  And hey, it’s not half bad.  The site features snapshots of what trends are hot for summer, outfit ideas and tips from Rachel Zoe.  I especially like the posts from celebrity guest editors about their sense of style and what they’re wearing this season, hopefully they’ll have more posts from Rachel Bilson soon.

Stylish and Practical.  For all you Longchamp addicts (you know who you are), Makeda at The Glamazon Diaries has a post about their new bag designed by Jeremy Scott.  The bag is adorable and chic, fixing my biggest problem with Longchamp that while practical, the bags are totally snoreworthy.

Camelot. We don’t feature much men’s style here on CHS, because polling shows that 98-percent of readers are women.  However, we do recognize good men’s fashion when we see it.  Thus, we’re big fans of District Cut and a recent post on how to emulate a modern day JFK.  You know, without the Addison’s disease and the mistresses.

Also, now might be a good time to mention that we are entering one of my least favorite fashion times of the year: when stores start selling Fall clothes way before anyone is ready to wear them.  I was horrified when I logged onto Net-a-Porter this week, only to see sweaters and tall boots.  I mean, for goodness sakes when is the fashion industry going to enter the 21st Century?  I want to buy something today that I can wear tomorrow, not six months from now.  

This also goes for the unread Marie Claire magazine on my counter.  Who wants to read about camel winter coats when the weather just got nice enough to go sans coat?  Seriously!  The Fifth Ave Fashionistas need to start living in the real world or we’re all going to stop buying their mags.




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