Gold Cup: The Bold and the Colorful

If you are a fan of bright, bold colors, then you will fit right in at Gold Cup.  The mixing of colorful hues is not just encouraged, it’s almost required.  While this may shock a monochromatic girl like myself, some women thrive in a sea of Crayola attire.  If you are one of those women, then I urge you to consider going all out for Gold Cup.

Faceted Drop Earrings (J.Jill, $25)

AB Studio Cardigan (Kohl’s, $48)

Ralph Lauren Square Neck Dress (Bloomingdale’s, $198)

If you’re going to mix colors, I say, “Go Big or Go Home.” Here, I have paired a bright coral dress with a green cardigan and coordinating drop earrings. 

If coral and green are not your colorsof choice, you can mix purple and navy for a more muted palette, or green and yellow for a bright summer look.  Just remember if you’re going to saturate your attire with color, the makeup needs to be kept more muted or else you risk looking like a 1980s prom queen.

Vintage Shell Belt (Etsy, $15)

 If you pair the cardigan with the dress and you don’t add a belt, the sweater is going to look like an after thought.  Like you thought you might be cold, so you threw it on.  If you want it to look pulled together, you need to pull it together, literally.  This cream-colored shell belt is perfect because it adds a little something extra but doesn’t detract from the color.

Perfect Dahlia Flat (Ann Taylor, $98)

Right about now, you are probably realizing that the primary reason I chose green and coral was to put these shoes on the blog.  Aren’t they adorable?  Sure, you could wear a neutral colored shoe, but why would you want to when you can wear these? *wink*