Spring Accessories: I'll Fly Away


From Left to Right: (Rachel Roy Crystal Ring, $38; Bird Lariat Necklace, $68; Birdnest Earrings, $110)

Last Fall, The Frisky named “bird skull” jewelry one of their favorite trends of the season, but that trend failed to launch.  My guess is that most consumers prefer their feathered friends alive and were a little creeped out at the idea of wearing a prop from “The Birds” around their necks.  But while that morbid trend never found its wings (puns are fun), the birds of the air are a big trend in jewelry.

Recently, I purchased an adorable sparrow pendant necklace from Charmed & Dangerous, and I am obsessed with it.  I also plan to add the crystal bird ring by Rachel Roy (above) to my growing collection of bird inspired jewelry. 

This trend adds a touch of whimsy to any wardrobe without being too cute for a woman of my advancing years (can you tell my birthday is coming up?).  It’s also a lovely trend for Spring because nothing captures the sense of rebirth and renewal like a little birdie returning from its winter home.  So if you’re looking for a new piece of statement jewelry that makes its point with elegance and subtlety, try a piece of avian jewelry.  From hummingbirds to chickadees, there are certainly enough styles and variations to suit any taste.

Not sure that you want to wear Polly on your finger? Try a bird cage pendant, a bird’s nest ring, or a delicate pair of feather earrings