Five Fabulous Flats You Can Actually Afford

Every Spring around the start of Appropriations season, I become a little lazy about my appearance.  Eye liner becomes optional.  Black becomes the only color in my wardrobe.  And I start swapping out my pumps and high-heeled boots for flats, because you can’t chase your boss through the Capitol tunnel in stilettos without risking serious injury. 

This morning, I opened my closet door to procure a pair of shoes and realized that both my metallic flats and my black ones are looking kind of ratty.  Since I don’t want to spend a fortune on shoes that will ultimately be destroyed by constant wear, I thought I would find a cheap stylish pair to tide me over until May when heels again become an option.  Here are five pairs of fabulous flats for under $100:

Bandolino Whimper Flat ($59)

BP Frankie Flat ($60)

Nine West Naughty Flat ($60)

I have no idea why I like these.  They’re completely tacky 80s punk, but I kind of like them.

Steve Madden Kookiee Flat ($60)

I used to own these in silver, they’re very versatile but they do tend to stretch out a bit over time.

Max Studio Ellis Flat ($70)