Sharp Dressed Man: Half-Zip Sweaters, a Staple

I don’t need to tell anyone here that it’s colder outside than your ex-girlfriend mailing back your old t-shirt post break-up.  The sudden chill has left some of you searching for cold weather attire that looks sharp, won’t break the bank, and will keep you warm.

There are obviously a variety of things you can do to keep warm during these frigid mornings.  Start by getting in to shape (theme alert: exercise helps with everything!), and then go out and get yourself a couple of half-zip sweaters.

The reason a half-zip is the perfect men’s winter accessory is that it’s versatile. You can wear it during recess over a button down shirt, you can wear it without a button down shirt (please, remember an undershirt), and you can wear it with a tie without looking like Jim Tressel (yeah, yeah Buckeye fans, he still looks like a stiff).

When choosing a sweater, there’s no need to get fancy.  Try and steer clear of argyle or any sort of pattern that is really busy and loud. While I like argyle personally I tend to keep it on my feet, and off my torso. If you aren’t good at this mixing and matching fashion thing — hint: you probably aren’t, your girlfriend is just being nice — then stick with solid colors, or a half-zip with large thick stripes with two to three colors max. 

You don’t want to go bright, because if you are going to wear it with a suit, you don’t want the color of your sweater to overpower your coat and pants.

What color you ask? Well you want it to be as versatile as possible so go for black, charcoal/gray, blue, maroon, etc. Nothing too bright. Happy hunting and stay warm.

Another bonus on the half-zip?  You don’t need to spend much to own one and pretty much any department store sells them. Here are some examples in a Hill Staffer friendly price point.

Joel Half-Zip (Fossil, $29)

Polo Ralph Lauren Half Zip (Amazon, $54)

Sharp Dressed Man is a weekly men’s style column written by Beau, a Capitol Hill staffer and college sports fan.  If you have questions for Beau regarding your wardrobe or your boyfriend/fiance/husband’s wardrobe, drop him a line at capitolhillstyle (at) gmail (dor) com.