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Steal that Style: Rose Byrne's Wavy Locks


According to multiple sources, Demi Moore skipped this year’s Golden Globes ceremony because she was having a bad hair day.  (What a charmed life that must be?)  But while Mrs. Kutcher was home in her sweats, plenty of starlets were braving the rainy weather in style and none more so than Rose Byrne.

Star of the FX Network show Damages, Byrne paired her aubergine strapless gown with a soft, elegant finger wave that proved surprisingly resilient as the night, and the rain, wore on.  She also accessorized her coif with a crystal barrette that complimented the crystal accents on her gown. 

According to Tempatlia.com, you too can achieve this soft, elegant style.

Harry Josh, a John Frieda International Creative Consultant, styled Rose Byrne’s hair.

“I went for an old school Hollywood style with a modern twist,” said Harry. “The shape and silouette is classic, but I roughed it up a little and loosened the waves to make the look less up tight.”

Harry began by applying John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume Bountiful Body Mousse to Rose’s wet hair to add texture.  “Before you start styling, add tons of Luxurious Volume Mousse to sectioned off hair. It will give hair the it texture needs to help the waves set and stay in all night,” explains Harry.

Harry blow dryed the hair with a round brush section by section. Using a small curling iron, he wrapped each section with the iron pointed down. Then he brushed out the curls until he achieved the perfect wave.

“To ensure Rose’s hair would look perfect in front of the cameras and would stay full and lifted throughout the night, I sprayed John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume All Out Hold Hairspray. This spray is really light and dry so it doesn’t effect the style, but will hold waves in place for hours.” explained Harry. “A quick spray and she was ready to go.”

Last he added a side pin, just to give the look a little touch of glamour.