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Belle’s Weekly Reading: May 30, 2014


If work ethic is the number one thing you need to succeed, resiliency is the second.  Don’t get tied up by the mistakes that you’ve made or the failures that you’ve  experienced.  Too many women look at a big failure or a series of small ones and think that they’re a failure.  The truth is that as long as you have the will to keep going, you can choose to restart and move forward.


1) The Washington Post has an article about summer dress codes in professional settings.  Yours truly is quoted, and there are some interesting points made about what offices will and won’t allow.  They also have an article about “power dressing” in Washington and how it’s moving beyond the basic suit.

2) Has anyone tried the new Josie Maran watercolor, liquid eyeshadows?  I like that her line of products has a commitment to using natural ingredients, but I wonder how the staying power is.

3) Several readers have commented or written in to sing the praises of Poppy Barley and their custom made shoes.  Some of the readers ordered for weddings, others for every day wear, but everyone loved (LOVED) them.

4) A.L.C is fast becoming one of my favorite brands.  This Lucas Satchel looks like the Louis Vuitton Sofia bag for a third of the price.  Still pricey, but this is a bag you could carry for the rest of your life, if you were so inclined.  It also comes in leopard.

The clothes are also pretty fab.  This leopard dress would be great with tights for fall.  For summer, this ivory crochet dress is just gorgeous.  I can’t afford them, but it is such fun to window shop.

5) has an interesting piece on how “it” items become trendy, stop being in vogue and how long the journey from on trend to passé takes.

6) This ruffle-back silk tee from Valentino is phenomenal.  If you like drama in the back, try this basic tee with an open back from Zara or this pale pink top from H&M.  Looking for a dress?  Try this Zara dress with two printed fabrics woven together.

7) A diner complained online that waitresses at a local restaurant needed to show more skin.  The owner’s response is priceless.

8) I bought these Yosi Samra flat sandals in blush and black and they are one of my favorite purchases this year.  They’re adorable, comfortable and they add a little something extra to my black, casual dresses.  I also like these $35 dark tan sandals with pink accents from Modcloth.

9) Lean In is still generating a lot of discussion.  Glamour magazine has a column from actress Zosia Mamet on why she’s not leaning in.  It’s an interesting perspective.

10) If you like the T by Alexander Wang line, The Outnet has the biggest selection that I have ever seen.  Plus, it’s all discounted 50-percent-off or more.

11) With the unofficial start of summer behind us, it’s beach season.  This fun graphic from The Washington Post tells you which country is across the ocean from you when you’re looking out at the ocean.

12) The last days of the Half-Yearly Sale are upon us.  The clothes are selling out quick, so it’s time to focus on the accessories.  This embellished belt is to die for, perfect for brightening up an LBD or a pencil skirt.  These Melinda Maria station bangles have the look of Ippolita at a greatly reduced price.  For an inexpensive thrill, I love this breezy stripe scarf, this bright beaded bracelet, and this fun starburst bangle.



  1. Savannah says:

    Hi Belle, just so you know, it looks like the link to the first Wash Post article is broken.

    May 30, 2014/Reply
  2. anon.y.mouse says:

    i love open back tees (haha and all of the back drama), but i can’t ever wear them because my bra line shows through the back. anyone have any tips on how to rock the zara open back t-shirt as an, um, bustier lady?

    May 30, 2014/Reply
    • Belle says:

      You have two choices: NuBra, or get a fun bra with a lacy back strap (like the ones from Eberjey) and make it look intentional.

      May 30, 2014/Reply
  3. Anna says:

    The Zosia Mamet piece really resonates with me, late 20s Hill staffer. A few years ago, my ex actually told me that one of the turning points in our 1.5 year relationship (as in, when it started to go downhill) was when we were having dinner one night and I talked about how I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life. He didn’t know if he wanted to be with someone who lacked ambition. I achieved a lot in a short period of time, and instead of coming up with a list of the things that I “should” want out of my career, I was frank about my uncertainty. Sometimes, I feel like there’s something wrong with me if I don’t want to conquer the world, but I just don’t see much of a point in chasing the next rung up the ladder if it isn’t something I truly want or that will make me happy. We really do need to re-examine how we define success.

    May 30, 2014/Reply
  4. frequent reader says:

    RE #7 That is the best response I could have imagined! Thanks for sharing that story!

    May 30, 2014/Reply
  5. gigglinggourmand says:

    That Zosia Mamet piece is fabulous. Not surprising that she’s a brilliant writer. Now I’m going to be bitter while working and dreaming of opening a pygmy goat farm. Sigh.

    May 30, 2014/Reply
  6. save. spend. splurge. says:

    It’s settled. I’m buying a pair of Poppy Barley shoes… once I get a contract that is.

    May 31, 2014/Reply
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