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Ask the Edit Vol. IV, No. Twenty-Nine

Hi Belle, I’ve got a question that may be a bit out of your purview, but I thought I’d try. My boyfriend has dropped some not so subtle hints that he would like a pullover sweater for his birthday. It should be thick, heavy, and stylish – and no zipper or turtleneck. Equal parts fisherman and prep. Any ideas? – Naomi  I think LL Bean has …

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Ask The Edit: Vol IV, No. Twenty-Four

Hi There! I love your blog so much. This question may be TMI but I’m getting married and my wedding dress doesn’t allow me to wear a bra. It looks great without a bra but I think I would feel a little more comfortable if I was able to do a little boob tape to just keep everything up and in place if you know …

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Ask The Edit: 14 Tips for Bar Exam Takers

Next week, the newest crop of aspiring lawyers will walk into convention centers and lecture halls to take the 2017 Summer Bar Exam.   To those about to rock, I salute you.  Yesterday, one of your fellow victims test-takers asked for some advice about preparing for the exam. So I’ve compiled the best advice I received and the best decisions I made (or didn’t) below. To …

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