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BPGP: Amope Pedi Perfect

To save money, I do my own nails.  For years, I used a PedEgg to keep my feet callus free.  The product worked well, but it wasn’t exactly efficient.  So when I spotted the Amope Pedi Perfect ($36) , I thought I’d take it for a spin. Unlike the PegEgg, the Pedi Perfect works on battery power instead of Belle power.  This makes it a much more efficient way to keep …

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Pick Six: Spring Is Coming, I Promise

There has long been a disconnect between the retail calendar and the weather.  Spring dresses fill the racks in February.  Wool sweaters hit stores during the dog days of summer.  All because, over a century ago, clothing had to be ordered months in advance of the new season.  Despite the proliferation of global trade and the development of e-commerce, the powers that be on Fifth Avenue …

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Workday Reading

The Workday Reading: April 16, 2015

*** 1) Sometimes the hardest thing for a type-A chick to do is slow down.  Fast Company has some tips on learning to decompress . 2) Madewell has some chic, minimalist jewelry on sale right now.  This double-knot ring is a really cool piece.  I also like how this bangle bracelet is hammered flat . 3) The Center for Public Integrity investigates why schools are reporting minor disciplinary issues to law enforcement .  Imagine winding up in the court system for kicking a trash can. 4) No …

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Style + Ask The Edit

Ask Belle: Nailed It!

I receive a lot of email about nail polish.  Do you need it?  What colors are appropriate for the office?  Are acrylics okay for work?  So I thought I would address a few nail lacquer-related issues today. At-Home Manicures.  First, let me say that I do my nails myself.  Getting a manicure or a pedicure is a nice treat, but it is not something I …